What I’ve Been Up To: POTHOLDER!

By three o clock in the afternoon I’ve usually settled into crazy and I’ve either joined the natives or I’ve drank too much coffee and I’m crawling the walls waiting for Derrick to come home. It’s hard to be a Mommy sometimes, it requires a change of mindset and a fresh set of eyes. Being a Mommy is a marathon race.
I have a hard time being excited and amazed by things like, spoons, potholders…things that a one year old finds FASCINATING. I hear people tell me all the time to “cherish these moments when your children are small”. I’m working on it. I really try to cherish the moments.
My children are teaching me to find wonder in the not-so-wonderful. They are teaching me to meditate on the small gifts that go unnoticed by people with beards and support pantyhose.
Baby season- this is the season for celebration, slow moving, marathon running.
This is the season of potholders.

9 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To: POTHOLDER!

  1. Being a mom is tough. Especially when they are young. It has gotten easier for me with the older ones-the girls can be my pals/buddies! πŸ™‚

    I think you sound just as thrilled about the . . . POTHOLDER! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)Have a margherita and stay away from crunchy bugs. πŸ™‚


  2. you are SUCH a good mommy. the very fact that you try… today, i turned my head and aiden lurched for the pot-lid and cut his face on its rim. these are the moments, no? the ones that make us need coffee, and HIM. xo


  3. the video was adorable! and i think it's fun that you preserved this moment… he will love it. i also loved “this is the season of potholders.” really hit home. and i start to wonder, what season is this for us?


  4. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I deliberately made the video long because that's what motherhood is to me right now: adorable and long. Then I open my eyes and they are going to college. AHH!


  5. JoAnn, I love your exuberance! No wonder he loves potholders. Try something like “Laundry!” and see if you can encourage a life-long love for the chore. His future wife will thank you…


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