Orange Socks and Unicorns

Guess who's stuck sporting bright orange socks today?I feel like today is an orange socks day.It's not like there's anything wrong with orange socks...they're just slightly off...a little strange...weird.Around here, we've had a lot of leaky diapers. I'm inclined to blame my husband for an overdose of water before bedtime, but it's probably not his … Continue reading Orange Socks and Unicorns

Love and Other Fruit

"Everyone feels benevolent if nothing happens to be annoying him at the moment"- C.S. Lewis...And somehow I find things to annoy me at any moment, so I rarely feel benevolent. When faced to rejoice always and praise God and love my family...I often balk, pout in a corner, and eat a cookie to console myself. … Continue reading Love and Other Fruit

Confessions Of A Content Plant Killer

I've killed all of my hydrangeas. They were thirsty, I was unfaithful.Tonight I made a salad with produce from my very own garden...and why do my cucumbers taste funny?My toenails are sea foam green and they remind me of mermaids.My house smells like brownies and the dishwasher is whirring.The sons are in bed, and one … Continue reading Confessions Of A Content Plant Killer

The Clam Chowder Said "Moo"!

I'm Alliiiveee!So I've survived strep, 2 year old projectile vomit, and two days with an Internet connection from 1993. I'm here to tell you that all that talk about moving to the coast....may just be hogwash at this point. We probably aren't going to move. My local friends: you can stop sitting outside the city … Continue reading The Clam Chowder Said "Moo"!

My Viking Name is Infesto the Strep

You know what stinks? Forgetting where you parked your car when it's 111 million degrees outside.You know what stinks more? Having strep throat for a week without realizing it. Yes. I am Infesto the Strep, and I've been carrying around disease and mayhem for the past week, Viking style.I've been tired, oh so tired, and … Continue reading My Viking Name is Infesto the Strep

When Zombie Killing Doesn’t Cut It

I'll be honest: lately I've been filling these uncertain times with a certain online game called Plants vs. Zombies.There's this one football player zombie that eats all my plants, and I'm just dying to take him out with my "pea" shooter. Hehehe. Seriously though: Derrick and I, we don't know what we're doing with this … Continue reading When Zombie Killing Doesn’t Cut It

Random Post that Makes Sense 72% of the Time, Which is Good Enough For ME

Let me just take a minute from my busy schedule to inform you of the latest events that have transpired:1. We got an excellent offer on our house. We accepted it. Two hours later, they changed their mind. Good times.2. Today, when I took the boys to lunch at their Father's work, people came to … Continue reading Random Post that Makes Sense 72% of the Time, Which is Good Enough For ME