Gifts for Today (Because Who Knows About Tomorrow)

It’s hard to write during times of uncertainty.

What do I know?

Will I move to costal breezes or will I stay in the fiery furnace I call home?
Can we even sell our house?
Can I even survive packing?
What should I be doing? What’s going to happen? Where will we end up?
All questions. Unanswered.
Here’s what I do know:
This morning I woke up and my sheets were soft and my pillow was magnetic.
I smelled fabric softener. God loved me in the moment, His gifts are good.
I found myself sipping a soda fresh from the fountain with my mom visiting. I watched my little baby rock himself on a wooden rocking horse, proud of his achievements. Everyone giggled and I stepped back to see the reality of now.
God loved me in the moment, His gifts are good.
I sat on the porch in the evening dusk, with a boy in a blue plastic swing. The air was oppressively hot but the bubbles still floated high in the sky. I froze time and focused, and all that I saw was a cute husband with a hose, spraying rainbows at the grass.
God loved me in the moment, and His gifts are good.
I don’t know the grand scheme of things. I don’t know where my life is going. I don’t know what tomorrow holds.
Right now there’s an orange glow in the living room from a cozy lamp, sleeping babies down the hall, breathing loud enough for only their mother to hear, and a husband on a mint chip ice cream run. We don’t know where we are going, but we know where we are.
We are loved.
Right now.
tuesdays unwrapped at cats

26 thoughts on “Gifts for Today (Because Who Knows About Tomorrow)

  1. do we ever really know the future….even when we think we do? life happens in an instant…be present and enjoy the now! wish I could say that I follow that advice…praying for God's peace, because what else really matters?
    Love you, friend.


  2. Over in New Zeland, I heard a great quote in a sermon at church: “Life's mystery is the privilage of the Christian. It's where the impossible becomes logical. And a promise is something from our future that God will position us for in the present.”


  3. Very true. Even in the radiation therapy center where I am now spending my days, there is a sign: ” A day without laughter is a day wasted.” So important to look for the good moments in every day!! And to remember to appreciate today, even when today feels difficult. Very sweet. 🙂


  4. Have I lost my ever-loving mind? What is going on with you guys??? And why don't I know about it? Or do I and I've somehow just forgotten? I need the skinny. Like – yesterday.

    Also – I loved every word of this post and you wrote is so swoonily. It completely resonates with me. You are a gift.


  5. Oh, I love this post! So often I get caught up in the future and forget to enjoy the present. What a beautiful reminder of the blessings that can come from appreciating the present.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm having fun exploring yours, right now.


  6. I echo Tamera–the older I get, the more I am convinced that recognizing uncertainty is a gift. The reality is, all our lives are uncertain (at least from our perspective). It's a gift to be able to see the uncertainty and have the delusion of control lifted–to be forced to cling to Christ. And, in the case of your readers/followers (oh, that word creeps me out) we get to witness that clinging through your beautiful words.


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