Random Post that Makes Sense 72% of the Time, Which is Good Enough For ME

Let me just take a minute from my busy schedule to inform you of the latest events that have transpired:

1. We got an excellent offer on our house. We accepted it. Two hours later, they changed their mind. Good times.
2. Today, when I took the boys to lunch at their Father’s work, people came to see the house again.
Snickers took the opportunity to poop on the backyard sidewalk.
I’m sure that the prospective buyers really appreciated the special decorative touch left by our dumb Yorkie. Apparently, grass isn’t good enough for some dogs.
3. It’s nap time. Q has recently informed me that Sheldon had poo poo in his diaper. I went to check. LIES! Shel was fresh as a daisy and started to cry hysterically when he saw my beautiful face.
“I just joking mama,” explained his big brother.
I told him to go to sleep, to which he replied, “I’m trying to play “Bad Guy, Bad Guy”.”
4. I’m pretty sure I used the incorrect method of punctuation in the previous sentence. I’m pretty sure I don’t care.
5. I’ve been cutting back on extra curricular activities (like blogging and flossing) in order to focus more on parenting the son-who-wants-to-play-“Bad Guy, Bad Guy”, to clean the toilets every day, and to plan exciting half hour outings when people come to see the house.
6. My Dad was born on 7-11. They named the Big Gulp after him (not really).
Anyway, we celebrated his birthday this last weekend. I wanted to get something that said, “World’s Greatest Poppy”, because that’s what Q has started calling him (instead of Papa), but I got him a hiking chair from REI instead. You see, my dad likes to hike, and so he loves REI. He’s a busy guy, farming all the time, 365 days a year, rain, shine, flood, famine, whiny teenagers who are horrible farmhands, etc. Sometimes, a guy just needs a break! So, I got him a hiking chair. He can sit mid-hike and multi-task by resting and vacationing. Or something like that.
Q thinks “Poppy Mark” is the cat’s meow. He walks around my house with safety goggles and toy wrenches and says things like, “I need dis tool for the field.” and “I gotta go cut dis branch. It’s broken”. He’s even used his legos to harvest walnuts.
And finally, below is the requisite picture of someone blowing out their candles with the help of Q. There have been about five birthdays in the last few months, and every one that Q attended has a photo of the birthday person AND Q blowing out candles. Someday I’ll make a collage. Happy Birthday Dad!

14 thoughts on “Random Post that Makes Sense 72% of the Time, Which is Good Enough For ME

  1. Such a wonderful post! I love the pic of your Dad with your son, it is priceless! Life can be beautifully messy sometimes. That is what makes it so worthwhile! Always enjoy the words of your life!


  2. I know how #1 feels. Grrrr. So frustrating. I also know how ANNOYING it is to have to leave your house at the drop of a hat for showings… with kids. Double Grrr. Hang in there.
    To funny about the poop situation. Both the dog and the baby. Or should I say lack of poop as far as the baby goes. πŸ˜‰
    Funny post. Love your blog!


  3. Oh I love your random musings…especially the Bad Guy, Bad Guy — that one made me laugh.

    I hope your house sells soon…despite the dog poo on the sidewalk! : )


  4. That picture of your dad and your son, save it forever. You will cherish it.

    And my moronic puppies think anywhere BUT the grass is a place for doing their business, especially if it is indoors.

    I'm sorry about the offer. Something better is in the works for you. But, why am I saying it? you already know that.

    And thank you for your kind words today. I didn't listen to Sound of Music, but as soon as you said music, I went to my iPod and the song playing was Human by The Killers, one of my favorite, favorite songs with this line “And sometimes I get nervous when I see an open door Close your eyes Clear your heart Cut the Cord.” It was exactly the balm.

    So thank you for that. Things are already looking up. I'll tell you more in detail as things come into play for me.


  5. I was about to say “congrats!” and then…uh…DOH! That stinks. Sorry about that. What also stinks? Is your dog pooping on the sidewalk.

    Also? Your little guy is beyond cute. BEYOND!


  6. see, you DID have something to say! πŸ™‚ and you said it so well. i will write soon. i'm praying your house sells. (can you pray mine does too? it can be so stressful, hey?) love you, e.


  7. How frustrating about the house… and having to take all those half hour outings. Just stay in the house and tell them you're depicting the “lived in” look literally.

    How adorable that Q impersonates Poppy and blows out other people's candles. I wonder if it's part of his bad guy routine to take their wishes too… lol….


  8. Today I was awoken by your adorable son.
    At FIVE THIRTY in the morning!!
    With a SQUIRT gun!…
    He laughed and shouted, “WAKE UP AUNT KISTINA!”
    Now, knowing that we're similar in the morning you can imagine my horror at being woken in such a way. But I think it only delighted him more and the squirting and screaming did not stop, and when he finally left, I hear Poppy Mark laughing and say to Q, “That was great! We'll come back in a bit to make sure she's up” (I should have known…)
    So I'm passing a warning onto you. Poppy Mark is a bad influence, and now your adorable innocent eyed son knows the efficiency of waking someone up with a squirt gun.
    And so…. I'm sleeping with my own S.G. tonight. It's war come morning!


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