My Viking Name is Infesto the Strep

You know what stinks?

Forgetting where you parked your car when it’s 111 million degrees outside.
You know what stinks more?
Having strep throat for a week without realizing it.
Yes. I am Infesto the Strep, and I’ve been carrying around disease and mayhem for the past week, Viking style.
I’ve been tired, oh so tired, and cranky and tired. I haven’t said anything about it because a) I thought I might just be incredibly lazy and, b) I don’t want to be a whiner about my mystery illness.
I finally went to the Dr. today, and told her about my mild scratchy throat that keeps me up at night and prevents me from eating food. She looked in my mouth and said, “YIKES, that’s gross in there.”
I felt a little self conscious, but she explained she felt for me, and ordered up some prescriptions with the instructions to “take it easy”.
Um, yes. I think sleeping and playing computer games and eating mint chip ice cream are habits I can continue. At least now I have a legitimate reason for being a big lump.
I must have the strongest throat pain tolerance in the world. I had strep throat once before, three years ago. I was working and I told my friend Polly that I was going home. I asked her what strep throat felt like:
“It feels like you are swallowing knives! The most painful thing ever!”
Since I only felt a mild scratching, I figured I was okay. Nope. I had it. The dread strep throat. So, either Polly is a big baby (yes, she is) or, I am strong like bull (yes, I am).
While I was waiting for my prescription, I noticed that there’s Snuggies for dogs now. Really, now they too can wear blankets and have their “paws free”. What’s the alternative? I ask you. Considering it’s 111 million degrees outside, I don’t think Dog Snuggies are in high demand.
Any-way I’m going to my mother’s house tonight since Derrick is going to be out of town. I’m sort of looking forward to being nursed back to health by my mommy, even though this guy
has been doing a great job so far.
This post is a big Thank You to my husband, who may look crazy sometimes, but brings me mint chip ice cream and lets me sleep for hours even before he knows I have a legitimate medical problem.
Thanks honey!

7 thoughts on “My Viking Name is Infesto the Strep

  1. I've thought I might be incredibly lazy before… It has neither been proven nor disproven thus far. How nice that your hubby was so supportive even thought you had no proof at the time.

    Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream sounds lovely (and oh so necessary). I hope you're back to yourself in no time.


  2. So sorry to hear you're sick, and I hope you feel better soon. Here's another way we're alike: When I'm sick, I always tell myself, “Ah, you're just being lazy.” I really do believe, somewhere along the line, we're related!


  3. I got strep last June and I felt gosh-awful. I had a fever and felt like I was swallowing knives. And my glands were puffed out like walnuts.

    Oddly enough, I have, a few times since then, secretly hoped that I would come down with strep again, so I could sleep sleep sleep.

    But then I remember the reality of it all – it really was terrible!

    Rest well, Bombsy.

    ps- don't stop with the Gratuitous Derrick picture.

    pss- I have no idea if I just spelled his name correctly, but I am too lazy to scroll back up and check. Deal.


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