When Zombie Killing Doesn’t Cut It

I’ll be honest: lately I’ve been filling these uncertain times with a certain online game called Plants vs. Zombies.

There’s this one football player zombie that eats all my plants, and I’m just dying to take him out with my “pea” shooter. Hehehe.
Seriously though: Derrick and I, we don’t know what we’re doing with this whole “moving” thing. Is that surprising? Certain people in this house are NOT “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” types, it’s very hard for certain people to commit to moving without selling the house we own right now. So we are in limbo for the next few days until we are forced to make a decision. Our decision changes every few hours, and I’ve been dealing with the stress by doing productive things, like killing zombies with plants.
Shockingly, I’ve found that zombie killing isn’t the best stress reducer.
What’s my point? My point is that I need to be thankful. Thankful in all the uncertain decision making/changing crazy that is my life right now. So I’m getting back on the gratitude wagon and focusing on what is real, instead of what is not (ahem…zombies).
214. A toy chainsaw and a Mr. Potato head: in the hands of a two year old it’s a hilarious combination.
215. Orange zinnias in fancy crystal vases.
216. Strawberry stands.
217. Sleeping in because my husband is AWESOME!
218. Sitting at the table with the whole family, and watching Sheldon and Q have a conversation in baby talk.
219. My house is full of life, in a boyish sort of way. I’ve just been hit in the back with a hammer. Luckily it was plastic.
220. Parents who encourage and babysit and give advice.
221. An overabundance of home grown cucumbers.
222. My giant orange linen curtain. PoP! In my living room.
223. Fountain soda when it’s 110 million degrees outside.
224. Q’s “bad guy” face.
225. Finger painted masterpieces.
holy experience

9 thoughts on “When Zombie Killing Doesn’t Cut It

  1. Beautiful, as always.

    I love that you always see the simple beauty of what you have. Hit in the back with a hammer, that's something I could never say has happened in this house of girls. Shrieking, yes. Hammers, no.

    Good luck with the house.


  2. hilarious! i can totally relate…. uncertainty drives me nutty. and love how your house is alive with all things “boy.” i can also relate to that… i have my husband, my son, and my 2 teenage brothers all under my roof. i am the lone woman ranger around these parts. ๐Ÿ™‚


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