Confessions Of A Content Plant Killer

I’ve killed all of my hydrangeas.
They were thirsty, I was unfaithful.
Tonight I made a salad with produce from my very own garden…and why do my cucumbers taste funny?
My toenails are sea foam green and they remind me of mermaids.
My house smells like brownies and the dishwasher is whirring.
The sons are in bed, and one is murmuring to Buzz Lightyear about wings and flight and superheroes.
Sheldon had Physical Therapy today and he’s doing really well. I watched him play in colorful plastic balls and swing on a rope platform and I clapped my hands as he stumbled around on his own two feet, clinging to big fingers.
Some people wait longer to help sons take first steps, and I thought about the mother next to me with the older boy who couldn’t speak and needed a chair. She seemed happy too though, and smiled as she sang “The Wheels on the Bus”.
She makes me think that the key to contentment is pay attention to the extraordinary regular…to splash in the water of experience and not worry about whether you have a towel or not.

Visit Emily here to read her thoughts on contentment. We just both happened to be thinking about it and our words collided and collaborated. Her words are beautiful. You’ll be glad you stopped by.
Housekeeping Item: I think I have provided a way to send you Ostriches in the mail. Add your email address in the space provided at the top right and test my computer literacy! I may just send you my golden nugget filled words via email.

12 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Content Plant Killer

  1. I'm not going to worry about towels anymore! Life isn't as much fun when you have everything you need.
    Cute pic of Sheldon!
    BEAUTIFUL picture of your hydrangeas…may they rest in peace.


  2. Lexi, you are CRACKING me up lately. I would have invited you to the funeral, but…I didn't have one. They already were in the ground. BWHAHAHA! (Too much?)


  3. wow…. i have shivers. God is definitely trying to get through to the both of us, hey? 🙂 i love that your post focuses on the extraordinary regular… i love you. and yes, our boys are growing up WAYYY too fast… time, slow down!!!


  4. Growing up, it was always hard for me to be content with things, but, as I've gotten older, I've become more content.
    I've managed to keep all of my plants (that I planted Memorial Day weekend) alive this summer! I have a couple that are just barely hanging on, but they're still alive!


  5. I just popped over for a visit – love your blog. I'm your newest follower.

    PS…We're trying to sell our house right now as well – it's not fun, is it?!


  6. Extraordinary regular…what brilliant words. This along with the picture of Sheldon has got to be among my favorites. oxo

    P.S. Could you ask your lovely sister-in-law to tell me where to send her gifty?


  7. Your words are beautiful. And to find the beauty in the extraordinary regular is the key to life, girl. It is the key. It is what makes me smile every single day.

    I'm going mermaid in the toes, too. Just to say, I am a mermaid. You know?


  8. I also killed my hydrangea, a death I'm still morning years later..

    I remember when Sage spoke her first sentence after a few months of speech therapy. I was SO excited! Even though her brother spoke his first sentence before 18 months and she was over 2.


  9. i dont know what happens and suddenly all this time goes by and i've missed out! sweet photos… and have i told you? i'm a pediatric physical therapist. yup…mmmmhmmm. i LOVED what i did when i did it. havent worked since 2 wks before my daughter arrived, 11 years ago. i hope you've found a therapist that you like and that sheldon likes! 🙂 and that he progresses quickly! :))


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