Theology and Inflatable Pools

What do you get when you mix a flaming hot day with a bunch of little kids, a slip and slide, a big blow up pool with an inflatable slide and a giraffe that squirts water, oh, and a tiny wading pool?

You get a baby with a black eye…
…and a nude tropical paradise….
Okay so here’s what happened: it was hot.
My niece asked to go swimming and I broke out our pool. It was a baby pool. “You have a widdle pool!” she exclaimed. I, being the Maker of All Things Fun, jumped in the car and drove to Target to get a decent pool. I mean really, what was I thinking with that little baby pool? I can’t even sit in it! (and I was hot).
A new pool means some serious lung effort. Especially if the Maker of Fun buys one with an inflatable slide and an inflatable GIRAFFE and an inflatable everything else.
I got to work, huffing and puffing. The kids were swarming around like vultures begging to go swimming.
Certain people broke under the pressure and showed up to the party with weird plans that involved leaf blowers.
Seriously, what is going on here?
Q’s floral hibiscus hat…it’s the only thing that remains of his swimming attire. A certain farm dog ate his swim trunks recently.
That’s okay, swimming in the nude helps even out tan lines.
Warning: Cute Alert!
After the leaf blower fiasco, Derrick spent his afternoon throwing children down the Slip and Slide, keeping in line with our family motto: “Safety first”.
He said he felt like he was working at a sandbag factory. Obviously working at a sandbag factory must feel like super amazing fun, because look at his face!
So that’s what we did today, we filled our yard with hoses and plastic and buckets and naked bacon, all in an attempt to cool off.
And now for some theology lessons, compliments of the kiddos. The following conversation took place while we ate lunch with cousins:
Me: “So what did you guys learn about at church today?”
Kayley: “Ummm…..God”
Q: “Kayrey you weren’t in my crass, you weren’t in MY crass!”
Me: “Well, what did you learn in your class Q?”
Q: “Jesus and GOD!”
Ainsley: “I had a dream that a monster came and ate my arm. Really.”
Me (trying to bring everyone back on topic): “Ummm, did you guys hear any stories today?”
Kayley: “There was this guy, and he got put in the lion’s house because he did the right thing, but God saved him. Angels came and got him out.”
Aunt Alexis (Kayley and Ainsley’s momma): “Oh wow, God protected him for doing the right thing huh!”
Kayley: “NO! ANGELS protected him”
Aunt Alexis: “Yeah, but GOD sent the Angels.”
Kayley: “Yep, angels in the outfield.”
Ainsley: “I had a dream that there was a monster…and it ate me up and broke my arm. Really.”
Aunt Alexis:Yeah, we’re not sure if we should worry about her or not….honey there’s no such thing as monster’s you know.”
Derrick: “Aren’t you glad I bought all this frozen pizza! We fed all of us for seven dollars!”
Me: “The salad and grapes cost more than seven dollars…remember?”
Derrick: “Yeah, you stink. SEVEN dollars though! Take that Taco Bell!”
Kayley: “Aunt JoAnn, you make the best pizza ever.”
Me: “Thanks. Um, it’s my secret recipe.”
And with that little lie, our theological discussion ended, and we all went off to sweat in the hot hot hot sun.

17 thoughts on “Theology and Inflatable Pools

  1. I love the theological discussion…

    Will this be the new Derrick photo or will you stick with the traditional one?

    So — where did the black eye come from?!?!? Did it involve the leaf blower going haywire? The trunk-eating, farm dog attempting to get the hibiscus hat? The sandbag thrower's aim being just a little off? Ahhh — the suspense…


  2. I blew up a pool once that was practically the size of my little house at the time. for real! I couldn't figure out how to work my husband's blow up automatic thing and he had the nerve to say he couldn't come home from work to blow up a pool for me, so I got tired of waiting. I was so impressed with myself and the neighbors were, too. They all came by and admired my handiwork. I had to thank them from my lawn chair because I was so weak and dizzy.

    Love the shiner. Love the pics. Our summers were also nude ones. Thankfully, now the girls keep their clothes on, since they are teenagers. And loved the theology. I actually learned a lot.


  3. I just discovered you through Laundry hurts my Feelings, and love your blog. Your photos are darling, and make me miss when my own children (now teenagers) were that age.


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