Building Immunities

One of my pant legs has been BBQ-sauced and the other has been apple-juiced, there’s a trace of regurgitated milk on my shoulder. I think I need to buy stronger deodorant and I know I need a nap.

I hauled all my children to church for a water play day. My two year old refused to participate, and clung to my pants, and begged to go home. I was mean and told him to play or take a nap. Then to add insult to injury, I didn’t give him a chocolate chip cookie at 9:30 a.m. His lack of enthusiasm made me angry like the Hulk. How dare he be uninterested in water balloons and water slides and sprinklers?
He finally got a sweet treat and he is stained with red popsicle, and one arm is dripping with crimson. Wet wipes don’t remove colored sugar from skin very well, and who has time for bathing?
We stood in the hot sun for a few hours and Sheldon started to cry and Q started to cry, so I did what any normal mother who’s motto is “Have fun or die” would do: I took them to Chick-fil-A. It has a play area that is enclosed in glass, and you can barely hear the screaming kids on the other side. I ate two french fries in peace and tried to carry on a conversation with my pal.
Sheldon crawled shamelessly all over the play area floor, covering his hands with all sorts of germs. The kids swarmed around in a Lost Boys sort of way, poking each other, shrieking, stepping on toes and pushed and bossed while the parents ate chicken sandwiches and pretended their children were behaving.
I finally wore myself out and dragged my kids away from the sticky anarchy. Sheldon screeched “NA NA NAH!!!” and reached desperately for the black mat of disease that he had been occupying.
We all wanted to get home, but traffic was not our friend. As we idled at a long red light, Q announced that he had turned our car into a race car, and commanded me to drive crazy.
When that didn’t work he said, “Mom, I turned dis car into a helicopter so we can fly away home, so go!”
“How did you turn it into a helicopter?” I queried, secretly wishing it were possible.
“I used my magic stick dat Dad got me from the store, because yesterday was my birthday. My birthday is on Christmas and you missed it. SO get going momma. Fly off!”
The light turned green and we creeped home, filthy, tired and perhaps a tad dehydrated. Despite the fact that I had inadvertently missed Christmas AND Q’s birthday, I feel like the morning had been a success…because there’s something about dirt and grime that screams full and exuberant living.
The gift of today is sauce stains, sticky hands, dirt, germs and grime, because you should never let a little dirt get in the way of adventure.
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18 thoughts on “Building Immunities

  1. germs, yes…but they do have those wonderful hand sanitizer packets at the door that make a germophobic mom (i.e. me) able to pretend she got all the germs off as they exit the fun.

    And hey, Chick-fil-a w/ a friend can make any situation better.


  2. One way to tell how much fun a kid has had is to see how dirty they are! Sounds like a very tiring day…makes me glad those days are behind me! 😀


  3. Hahaha! “Have fun or die” I love it! I've so had days like this! Actually yesterday we went to the zoo and had to listen to my 3 year old demand a cookie for over an hour. It got really old. And of course it was the hottest day of the week! Sometimes I wonder why I take kids anywhere, but it was fun just the same.


  4. How do I share the table with you at Chick-fil-a and not share your perspective? Better yet, how were you able to catch all these little nuances while trying to hold a conversation, keep the kids inside the glass room, AND eat french fries??
    You, me and chick-fil-a need to happen more often:)


  5. Well Tam, I guess I am better at sharing my perspective when I don't have a million things distracting me, like a 15 month old trying to climb up a slide…and you me and anything food related need to happen more often fo sho.

    oh, and no. That's not happening…:)


  6. ACK! I have to admit, the whole crawling on the play mat made ME regurgitate a little. I don't mind mud and popsicle and that stuff, but I draw the line at fast food play areas.


  7. your kids are so lucky to have a mama like you, so willing and full of adventure. these are the things, the REAL things, important in their childhood!


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