Orange Socks and Unicorns

Guess who’s stuck sporting bright orange socks today?

I feel like today is an orange socks day.
It’s not like there’s anything wrong with orange socks…they’re just slightly off…a little strange…weird.
Around here, we’ve had a lot of leaky diapers. I’m inclined to blame my husband for an overdose of water before bedtime, but it’s probably not his fault. For two nights now, diapers have failed, and so at 3 a.m. or so I’m trekking around with wet kids, wet sheets, wet clothes, crying babies, need more milk, need a new diaper, need a banana, no you can’t have a banana, it’s not time to get up, but I took a good nap….etc.
Orange socks. Orange socks.
Due to our lack of sleep, my son woke up at 7 ish this morning as opposed to his regular 5 ish. My body responded by blacking out in a sleep coma, so I’m not exactly sure what time it was because Derrick had to wake me up when he was on his way to work.
I made breakfast at 9 this morning. Weird.
Orange socks.

Q took this picture this morning. He insisted.
I burned the butter during this photo shoot. Shoot.
I am tired here. I have wonky eyes and frizzy hair. Please note the open cupboard, it’s my signature move. You should see when I unload the dishwasher. Open, open, everywhere.
It drives Derrick crazy:
Guess who has a funky rash?
I’m taking him to the doctor today at 4. I think it’s hand foot and mouth, because it’s on the soles of his feet (along with everywhere else). The rash is faint and everywhere.
I am out of sugar, bananas, and milk. I can’t go to the store because rash boy keeps napping. There may be a 2 year old riot if I don’t get my hands on bananas soon.
Speaking of sugar, I had to put Sweet n Low in my coffee this morning. Ew.
I noticed that my hummingbird feeder is almost empty, and I wondered what would happened if I made hummingbird food with Sweet n Low instead of sugar.
Then I wondered why I was wondering about dumb stuff like that.
Then I wondered why we humans are okay with sweet n low, but we refuse to feed it to the little birds.
Orange socks I say!
The Wonder Pets are trying to save a unicorn today. Don’t you just love educational television? Me too.
Usually Q is sleeping right now, but NOT today!
I feel like the floor is sideways, and I can’t help but ask, “what’s with today today?”*
Do you ever have days like this, where everything is orange and unicorn and you don’t know what is going on?
*quoted from the movie Empire Records.

14 thoughts on “Orange Socks and Unicorns

  1. Boo for orange socks days.
    Once when Sweet Pea was about 2, she kept crying and crying all day long. So, I told her she “needed to get a grip.” She stopped crying and said, “What's a grip?” I said, never mind. For the rest of the day, she followed me around crying/screaming/wailing, “I want my grip, Mom! Give me back my grip!”
    Bad day then.
    Funny day now.


  2. No bananas??? This is seeweous….
    I'm out of bananas, milk and sugar today too. I put the last of the powdered sugar in my coffee and pink icing in the girls Cream of Wheat! Jake is throwing up and someone Clogged the toilet with T.p…
    Poor Sheldon! Poor bubby.


  3. Oh those days! I'm not a fan! We've had leaky diaper syndrome over here as well. And I'm inclined to blame my husband also. But even my 5-year old non diaper wearer wet the bed TWICE the other night. TWICE! In one night! What the what is going on?!? I hope the orange socks go away & your weekend is a flip flop kind.


  4. To answer your last question, most days πŸ™‚
    I must say you look remarkably good for someone who didn't have much sleep. And I just found the 100th thing we have in common: leaving the cabinet doors open. Do you think we're distant cousins?


  5. Thanks for the smile! I definitely know about orange sock days…mine are usually turquoise however. Love your titles. They are always interesting and then live up to their billing :).


  6. Orange days are common around here; he'd fit right in! Mail him over and we'll put more orange on him and teach him to say “Go Big Orange”! πŸ˜€
    Hope today is better.


  7. i say YEAH! for orange socks! they're soo… so… lively! πŸ™‚ i used to walk around walmart, all uppity, looking at those poor little children and thinking WHO would EVER take their sweet little children out in PUBLIC looking like THAT. then, i had lexi. and i gave thanks when she would keep her clothes-any clothes-on while out in public. these are little things… get some sleep, friend… i remember the days.


  8. Kinda makes me want to go out and get some orange socks and wear them around in public. I remember days when I used to think, “I'm an intelligent woman. I have a master's degree. How is it possible I can't figure out how to keep breakfast cereal in the house?”

    Love the comment by Lumberjackswife: Bad day then. Funny day now. You'll get there.


  9. My life is all about open cabinets and orange socks and I just want to gobble up that baby's pudgy leg.

    I put chocolate syrup in my coffee this morning, that's how Old Mother Hubbard, my cupboards are. But thankfully, the husband chose to be my savior and battle Costco on a Saturday. Let me repeat that. Costco on a Saturday while I sit here and read blogs. Should I feel guilty? Not too much.

    And if I haven't said it before, which I probably have, dinga, danga, whoo-hoo, that is a fine pic of your hubs.


  10. Orange socks!!! (Would it help if I went right now and donned my crazy striped socks? Would it help? Because I would totally do it.)

    Hoping for some zzz's for you tonight. And hey – that floor of yours? Clean. Holy Yowza. Are you a professional floor cleaner? I don't believe you are as wonky as you say with a floor that clean.


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