Batman and Bunny: A Surprise Entrance

I was, admittedly, ignoring my children. They were quiet, in the play room, and I took the opportunity to check my email.

After a moment, I heard the familiar breathing and swooshing sounds of a baby crawling in. He murmured and so, I turned around.

This, THIS is what I saw:
I promise I had nothing to do with it. You know who made Sheldon into a bunny?
Batman Quinten:
The combination was surprising and funny. Batman and Bunny…

I think we were all impressed with Batman Quinten (that’s what he’s making us call him now, seriously) and his flying capabilities.

To summarize, my two year old is running around in socks, undies, and a batman cape I didn’t know we had. He is yelling “BATMAN QUINTEN”, and he’s telling me to touch his cape, because it’s soooo soft. He’s asking me to help him fly up in the sky one time.
“One time please, come on, one time, prease, fry me up in da sky.”
I’m off to fry someone up in da sky.
“Come on, do it. I have my wings out. Get ready.”
I love my job.
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13 thoughts on “Batman and Bunny: A Surprise Entrance

  1. I read this earlier and forgot to comment, got all distracted on some of your other posts..

    …standing next to my daughter the power ranger is a batman son.
    I thought the coincidence was funny.

    And I'm a little jealous of your incredible high school group. How priceless.


  2. personally, i liked the bulldog t-shirt tucked into the coordinating underwear… just sayin! what a wonderful story of imagination, open-mindedness, and of course, mother love. soooooo sweet!


  3. Ummm…I kinda sorta linked to your blog. I hope that's okay. I only did it because I think you're really, really funny. I can undo the link if you want, I mean, like if that's really creepy or something.


  4. Oh that's adorable – there's nothing cuter than little boys in their skimpies….and capes. 🙂 Glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't mess with her kids when they are quiet – it's a dangerous sport, but I'm up for the job.


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