Random Faces to You, History to Us: My High School Reunion

I just went to my 10 year High School reunion.
When I went to high school, I was known for my fashion sense and my sophistication…

or not.
Anyway, High School Reunion. I was really excited about it. Our High School class was small and awesome. Enough said.

Or maybe not enough said, because I have so much more to say.
People were really excited to be there. I think it had something to do with the fact that they got personalized name tags with their senior yearbook photo on it.
Mine also said, “Most Outspoken”.
Not much has changed. As soon as I got there, I felt compelled to run around, be noisy and loud and yell and shove people and hug people and be outspoken. They put up with me anyway. Thanks guys.
I was supposed to plan the reunion, owing to the fact that I had been Senior Class President. Ha.
I left the responsible stuff to Miss “Best All Around”.
Everyone knows that the “Most Outspoken” are good at bossing people around, not planning.
This is Miss “Best All Around”. She did all the monkey work. I took a piece of gum from her that night without asking, we’re that close. I think I’ve borrowed roughly 273 pencils from her over the years…and I never returned them.
Let’s play a game. It’s called, “Try To Take A Picture With Someone Who’s Wearing A Giant Tulle Rose In Their Hair”.
Sharon, your hair accessory looks like a bowl that’s tipping into my ear.
They’re a cute couple, but sometimes fashion comes between them. Haha!
The banquet hall next to ours was hosting a twenty year reunion. That group had hired a bagpiper. They were all standing around, being sophisticated and talking like adults…a real snore fest.
We were the crazy reunion; we had Tom, and rap music, and Sharon’s giant hair accessory, and um, most of us hung in there until at least 10 p.m.
The guy in the white shirt even offered to learn how to break dance for our 20 year reunion. Can’t wait to see that Clint!
Okay so let’s play another game. Let’s see how awesome I am at taking pictures of flower centerpieces:
I think I really captured the reds and yellows of this bouquet. I also like how I framed the shot with Jake and Tom in the background, giving this a human element.
I love coffee, don’t you?
I see you all the time Adam and Kayla! Stop messing with my coffee carafe shot!
Okay, here’s one last game for you. Guess who went to the reunion on their sixth wedding anniversary?
That’s right. These people. Good job guys.
Guess who won the impromptu “Longest Married Couple” competition?
It’s true. We won! Eight years on Tuesday!
Here’s Aaron:
Derrick and I prank called him once in college. We pretended to be a radio station and we asked him to name two songs from the eighties.
We offered him $1,000 dollars.
He couldn’t think of one. Not-a one.
Guess what we talked about at the reunion? Guess who didn’t remember the whole event? Guess who thought it was funny anyway?
Here’s my class, baby! We are either taking a picture for Gary McDaniel’s mom, or we are shouting our school cheer in this shot. I’m not sure.

I’m inclined to believe it was the school cheer shot, since our mouths are open.
Why were we taking a picture for Gary’s mom?
Because, well, he asked us to…because she was the school math teacher.
I guess she wanted to remember some of her students.
I doubt she wanted to remember me. Cute as I was, I wasn’t academically inclined.
I failed her class.
But, thanks to her I can sing the Quadratic Equation to the tune of Jingle Bells.
Do I know what the Quadratic Equation is for?
But, I can sing it.
Quadratic Equations often make you cry
but there is a way
to wave those tears bye-bye
no need to factor now
no need complete the square
just need one simple formula
this secret I will share
x equals minus b
plus or minus radical
b squared minus four a c all divided by 2
Excuse. me.
So, that in a nutshell was my High School Reunion. I’m already missing folks, and I think we need to get together more often. Maybe we should go camping, or to the zoo, or have a BBQ or something.
I feel truly blessed to have gone to school with these people. They are funny and goofy and generally good looking. They are friendly. It was great to see them all. Go Redskins!

12 thoughts on “Random Faces to You, History to Us: My High School Reunion

  1. this post was worth reading for the centerpiece snapshots alone …

    p.s. class vice-president, “most spirited.” i knew there was a reason why we're friends 🙂


  2. You are SUCH a poser! I do remember someone telling me they were going to their reunion in their flip flops! Hmmm? You so could have borrowed my red shoes!

    Your class makes me jealous. All the men still have their hair and all the girls' ta ta's still stay up. We were without hair and pert ta-ta's at my reunion last week, (well, at least the men were without the hair and most of the ta ta's were in place thanks to great bras or surgery), but we were no snoozing, bagpiping crowd. We were the ones who shut down the bar at closing time with the free flowing champagne. See, not all of us oldsters are dead.

    And I LOVE your friend's hair flower. It is absolutely fabulous. In fact, all the ladies looked smashing. See, it feels good, doesn't it, to be all glammed out.

    And that quadratic equation ditty makes me want to cry. It's like you're singing a foreign language. To be honest, it kind of scares me. All those letters combined with numbers and being all squared up and such. Make them go away!


  3. You're too funny! And I would have beat you on the longest married thing. At my tenth I would have been married 11 years! Yep I graduated early and am invited to two reunions every year. I never go though. A different type of high school altogether…


  4. you are hysterical… i laughed no fewere than … oh.. that's numbers and that's too close the quadratic whatever song… ;o
    and secondly? you are way to young. i {ahem} am not too old; you are too young. i think my first born is older than you.
    and, um, that makes me ill.


  5. That is so funny!!!!! I just sent you that email (read it first) and came back here to read more. Just a couple of weeks ago I dragged my hubby to my 20 yr reunion!!! (From ROOSEVELT!) I was afraid we might have been the boring people next door to you, except we DID NOT have a bagpiper (that must have been Hoover!) and by the time the dancing started it was TOO LOUD to hear each other talking unless your ear was less than a foot away from the talker's mouth.

    OK. Off to pack. Or something. : ) Have a great day!!!!!


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