Cucumber Sandwiches and Protective Headgear (did NOT play a part in my morning, yet here we are, talking about them)

With all the world’s problems, it seems somewhat silly to blog about my day so far…it was full of minor inconveniences…but here I go!

I ended up walking to McDonald’s at high noon, in the middle of a play date. Q received a Happy Meal, and with it, a Silver Surfer action figure.
It’s nap time now, and Q is quite upset (not “Happy” as advertised) because the Silver Surfer does not have any hair. He’s supposed to have hair, because he is a boy.
I don’t feel like explaining how I ended up walking myself to McDonald’s mid-play date, but it involved some bare tires, a procrastinating husband, a business trip, a cancelled play trip, a new invitation to my house, a last minute house showing, a pregnant and understanding friend, and a shortage of car seats. Whew.
The people who saw my house this morning better buy it. I mean, it’s only fair…but then again, the Silver Surfer is bald, so I guess there’s no real knowing what sort of circumstance will be handed to you, even if you’re a superhero.
In my imagination, I think that when I invite a person over for a visit, I’ll have tea, and scones, and a cute ruffled apron…maybe even some cucumber sandwiches. This has never happened. Ever.
After this morning, I have come to the conclusion that it is very hard to be my friend, at least, it’s hard if you like cucumber sandwiches and the like. You might even need protective headgear to hang out with me.
Okay, that was a stretch, but I had this funny picture I needed to work in:
Oh oh! And this one (so cute):
Warning All Potential Friends: My family is weird and disorganized, and some of us like to play dress up in our underwear.
You’ve been warned.
I would like to thank Jessica Young again for being so understanding, and allowing her son to play with my son, despite the unexpected surfacing of a mystery rash on Q.
Here’s to friendship and the viruses that go with it! I had a good time despite the chaos.
Check out the Young family website to see what they are up to! It’s much more exciting than my news; they are going to become full time missionaries in Thailand soon.

12 thoughts on “Cucumber Sandwiches and Protective Headgear (did NOT play a part in my morning, yet here we are, talking about them)

  1. That's because I don't kick you out of my house and make you go to McDonald's with me after walking you around the neighborhood for no apparent reason other than I want to sell my house and relators are inconvenient and so last minute! What would you do? Huh?

    for the record, I like hanging out with you very much. You keep me organized…sort of…on the days I visit…unless I get confused and visit a half hour early, and then I'm just being chaotic at your house. 🙂 See you soon Amy!


  2. No, YOU cut it out–you really are all that! And I love sharing good things I find with others in my life. By the way, I have never, not even once, in my life served a cucumber to another human being, and I have lived on this earth a lot longer than you. to be honest,I don't even really get cucumber sandwiches…


  3. Well, that's just not fair, about the hairless Silver Surfer. It's just not right. I mean, He's a BOY! Boys have to have hair! (Don't tell Cory I said so…it would hurt his feelings.)

    So tell me – did they buy the house?

    ps- I wanna hit up McD's whichu.


  4. Another reason we are of the same soul, I always felt like I fell down in the hostess/friend department. There was always something undoing me in my frenetic life to keep me from being that perfect wife, mom, hostess.

    And I love cucumber sandwiches. They're a little strange, weird texture, not really meant to be on a sandwich, but oddly very satiating. I like weird things, what can I say.

    That boy in that durned helmet is beyond scrumptious.

    And not to mention, not only is he a boy, he's a surfer. Surfers are supposed to have a head full of hair. Duh.


  5. Now that's funny. I love scones and tea and used to actually make them from time to time…but rarely when company was coming. It was too much work to actually straighten up AND bake. One or the other, Sister!


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