I speak a special language in the evening hours, when boys must be put to bed. To make a two year old put head onto pillow…it requires translation and special abilities.

Prex! Buzz! Prex!” he calls out as I place his entourage of animals around the bumper. I know these are the names of tonight’s favorite toys, needed for rest.
And now, I hear his small voice co mingled with Buzz’s authoritative recordings.
“Are you ready for adventure in uncharted space?”
“YES I am Buzz!!!…let’s pway hide and seek.”
The chatter continues and he falls asleep, content and imagination spent, and I sample ice cream in the living room.
tuesdays unwrapped at cats

10 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. That sounds way easier than what I've been going through w my “drama king”. Usually he is no problem, but lately he's making up for his previous reputation. Exhausted is what I am….


  2. this is great. my boy insists on “camping,” which means covering the crib (i know, i know, almost 3 and still in it — but he doesn't climb out and we need all the sleep we can get around here…) with a sheet to make a tent.

    problem is, it blocks all air from entering, and he is a sweaty mess when he wakes up each morning.

    which, i guess, is exactly like camping.


  3. Recenntly, Luke Skywalker was the one to lead our evening prayer. I hope the Lord was not offended by this!

    I love being a boy-mom!

    Stopping by from Tuesdays Unwrapped


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