Storyland Grump and A Cactus Caterpillar

I have B.O., which brings me to my first question: Can someone recommend a deodorant that works and doesn’t cost more than 4 dollars? Thank you.
Anyway, I spent today in the sun, walking and walking and it wasn’t too hot, but yet, my underarm deodorant has failed me.
Why was I in the sun? Let’s start there. Well, let’s start with this morning.
My friend Jessica invited me to go to a local Storyland and Playland with her, and Quinten was invited. We have tried to go to Storyland before, but were forced to cancel due to a last minute situation with tires that is too boring to recount here.
This morning, in the spirit of adventure, I made pancakes. No one ate them. Everyone cried. Everyone fought. Both kids wiped boogers on me, because they were crying. I thought that Q would be on his best behavior, seeing that I made him pancakes and informed him that I was taking him to play at a fun “land”.
He was cranky. He was rude, and moody and generally made me want to put him back to bed. However, Storyland had become this elusive goal, and there was no way I was cancelling my plans due to a disgruntled two year old.
Grandma came to watch Shel and Q and I left, to go to Target. I had just gotten back from Target, and spent a fortune on diapers and paper towels. I think someone is going to cry when he finds out how much I spent at Target the first time, in the name of diapers…
But, because I love seeing his “angry eyes” I immediately returned to Target to do some more damage…and the fact that I had left Q’s only-pair-of-shoes-that-we-can-find-at-this-time in Daddy’s car contributed to the return visit.
We finally made it out and arrived at Storyland. As we pulled into the park like setting, the ancient trees stood serenely, the leaves rustled in the breeze and the late morning sun glistened.
Q spoke through the silence and said, “I not like dis place. I want to go home.”
“HOW do you KNOW you don’t LIKE this place? You have never been to this place! It is a FUN place.”
“I don’t like dis place because…it’s different dan us.”
Luckily he saw the duck pond. He wanted to get out and see the geese. Seeing an opportunity I told him he had to have fun or else he couldn’t go. He promised to have fun.
Here are some pictures of Q having fun at Storyland:

I know. Obviously he was having a ridiculously fun time. His lack of enthusiasm…annoyed me. It made me want to leave him with the Three Bears.
I’m thinking some of you may not know what a Storyland is. It is a “land” that has nursery rhyme characters, and if you turn a plastic key in different boxes near the characters, the boxes talk. Sadly, the boxes didn’t just tell nursery rhymes, they told entire stories that lasted longer than we could stand, and we didn’t make it through any of the tales. It didn’t help things that the voice that was telling the story was warbled. “The princess was playing with her golden ball when it wabheowhawbled into the well and a frog noticed warblewhoarmels”.
Also, there were two key holes on each box, one in Spanish and one in English. Since we had two two year-olds, and two key holes, it ended up being a language war, and the story kept starting over.
What does this look like to you?
It called itself a “caterpillar” but Jessica and I are convinced it is really a giant cactus.
Thanks to our two boys, it kept saying, “Hello. Whooooo are yoooou?” “Hola. Eres tuuuuuu” “Hello. Hola. Eres. Hello. Hola. Hello. Whoooo are yooou? HOla.”
We wandered around fairy land with Mr. Unimpressed and hopped on the train. The people who invited us were having a good time despite the rain cloud I brought with me. The train took us away from Storyland to Playland.
As soon as it stopped, Mr. Gloomy Gus leaped out of his seat and ran to the racetrack. He wanted the black car, got it, and it was all sunshine and roses after that.

So, in conclusion, I need new deodorant, my feet hurt, and the day was awesome! Q even rode a Ferris wheel, which is a Christmas miracle considering I practically threw him down a slide at Storyland, because he’s afraid of heights and I’m mean.
I loved the cactus, the key wars, I was minimally annoyed, but in the end, fun was had by all
…and Q concluded the afternoon with a 3 minute nap in the car, not to be repeated when we got home.

17 thoughts on “Storyland Grump and A Cactus Caterpillar

  1. Well, if deodorants don't work, try anti-perspirants–there really is a difference. And I agree with Nancy that there are none that work for under $4. Joann, I have great admiration for you. I hate making breakfast. So when people don't like my breakfast when I make it, well, let's just say I wouldn't be taking anybody to the park. Period. But I also feel for poor Q…dos places are diff'rent dan me, too. And I'd use the “no likey pancakes” as an excuse not to go. 'Cause I'm mean, too.


  2. Jodi,Nancy, Fine. I guess I'll buy expensive deodorant/anti-perspirants…just to keep my friends. 🙂

    And I WOULD have left him at home, and cancelled the whole thing. He certainly deserved it…but, it had become my Mount Everest, and I was determined to get there, after canceling in the past and getting my mom to babysit shel, it made me wonder what would happen if I did something BIG like take him to Disneyland..and he didn't appreciate it…it would be like TRAPPED AT DISNEYLAND! MOM DETERMINES TO HAVE FUN ANYWAY BY IGNORING HER CHILD/FANTASIZING TO LEAVE HIM ON THE SMALL WORLD RIDE FOR A FEW ROUNDS.
    Yes. I have a small attitude problem of my own. 🙂


  3. mitchum roll-on unscented, in a dark green bottle. works like a charm, a charm i say!
    i dont know how much it costs…since my husband bought it for me cause he was tired of me stinkin…. true story.


  4. HILARIOUS. I have a homebody boy as well. Hates to leave the house. You are the best story teller I know. Someday I would really like to hear this live.


  5. Don't you just love the 3 minute naps in the car. I find myself praying please stay asleep, please stay asleep. Never fails that my daughter wakes up with her second wind and I just want to go to sleep myself. Glad he decided that playland was fun after all.


  6. Dove deodorant works great….speaking from experience:)
    I wish we could have experienced this adventure together….oh, wait! I still have passes! We will go again when Q has had enough time to forget the bad and remember the good!


  7. Tam, he didn't think anything was bad, he just is against all things lately. WE took him to the lake, he had a great time, and when we asked him if he had fun he said, “No. I didn't want to go to da lake”.
    Lets GO! We really need to get together. We need more lunches too.


  8. Okay, I recommend CertainDri. It is not under $4, however, you put it on at night just before bed, and I swear to you it works miracles. I do not glow…I SWEAT!!! And I STINK!!! So, I was contemplating getting my sweat glands clipped or whatever it is they do, and this was my last ditch effort…And it WORKED!

    I have a homebody child. If you stay home every time the homebody wants to stay home you never get to go anywhere!

    Great story!


  9. Sorry – can't recommend a deodorant…don't use any myself. Please still be my friend. I promise I do when I do stink. I'm just naturally rose-smelling. Or something. Try using your hubby's?!

    And I have SO been there – going somewhere when the kids were NAUGHTY and IRRITABLE and WHINING because Lord knows THEY aren't going to dictate my life. Lesson learned. They dictate my life out of sheer laziness some days. Oh well. But yet as in your case, sometimes we actually DO prevail and fun is had by all. Way to persevere, wonder woman!


  10. kids stretch us.
    and make us sweat.

    you made me remember a storyland experience of our own.
    it was suppose to be all bonding and beautiful while father and son were at a bball tourny. it was cheesy and cheap and pointless and we were trapped there until getting picked up.
    I spent a small fortune on food and drink to try and make it out alive.
    ( funny, when I look at the photos in the album I see smiling face painted summer fun.)


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