Derrick Tells Another Story…With Guns

Sometimes, my husband tells me stories about his childhood. They usually involve weapons. Last night I had the privilege of hearing the following tale while washing the chili-bean bowls.

Derrick: “When my mom went out of town once, my dad turned out all the lights in the house, opened the sliders and doors, and he gave us all pistols. Then I think we took turns being bad guys and trying to sneak around and we would shoot each other…”
Me: “Pistols? Real Pistols?”
Derrick: “Seriously? You are asking? They were real, I capped my brother and my dad and that’s why I’m telling you this story, because they’re alive today and NO THEY WERE NOT REAL! How could you ask if they were real? I can’t believe you asked if they were real!”
Me: “What were they then?”
Silence. Derrick is too busy laughing hysterically to answer me. He is holding his sides to keep them from splitting.
Me: “What kind of pistols were they!?!?”
Derrick: “You know, whatever we had lying around…nerf guns etc. Why would my dad give us real pistols? What kind of Father do you think he is?”
Me: “I thought he gave you his guns, you know, unloaded.”
Derrick: “No. Oh brother.”
The End.
I think this is a classic example of why communication is key in marriage. One misunderstanding and you start believing your father in law needs a course in gun safety and maybe child care.

9 thoughts on “Derrick Tells Another Story…With Guns

  1. Can I just say this conversation would (and maybe has?!?) happened in my house too. I grew up with all sisters, my husband with a brother. Guns and wrestling and superheroes and boy stuff was very foreign to me. Then I got married and had three boys.
    Happy Weekend! 🙂


  2. Jo Ann, thanks for your sweet and funny comment yesterday at Emily's. I absolutely love that my bloggy nickname has now been nicknamed: “Scoopy.” Seriously girl, I got very giggly over that one. : )


  3. Ahhaha! I asked Johnny about this and all he remembers is his Dad hurt his finger because he got his wedding ring caught on the door. Oh and that Dad was packin an unloaded BB Gun…Lol!


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