Following Light

Sometimes I am frustrated with the perky, family outing, God-is-so-good-stuff. I mean it’s true, God IS good, but is everyone’s life perfect?
Um, no. Mine’s not…shockingly.
But, from these pictures, it does seem like my life is all sunshine…or at least big smiles…
I think people sometimes don’t tell the whole story, whether intentionally or unintentionally. They want to hold to the pretty. We don’t want to deal in ugly. Ever. Never.
Darkness is scary, but we are here; surrounded by darkness, guided by light.
Sometimes I forget to look at the light. I stare off into the dark, and think about what’s lurking. You know what? When you stop looking at the light, you run into things. You bump into trees and fall into wells. Follow the light people.

I’ve been looking off in the dark, worrying about shadows, waiting for the sun to rise.

Maybe the sunrise comes later, you know? Maybe now is the time to focus on the blessings and be joyful and thankful, and follow the light that shines in the darkness, follow the one who died on a cross, follow the one who loves me and you and no amount of darkness will overcome Him.

My darkness is not to dark for Him, and neither is yours.
I will write my list. I will be thankful, I will keep my eyes on the light. These lists, these gratitudes…I don’t record them because my life is a sunburst. That’s why following Him is so important. Isn’t light so very precious when it’s dark?

“How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! O Lord, they walk in the light of Your countenance.” Psalm 89:15

Cousins, popsicles, lobsters and steak
tea cups: dogs OR china
Pepsi Throwback: childhood memories in a can
good conversations in the dark night
a small boy who can say Ma-ma now (and banana, milk, no, uh-oh, night night, hi, and hello)
a clean house
a busy house full of five kids and five million messes
men who kill bugs for me (yay Derrick!)
typing in the dark, in the quiet, in the alone
second chances
friends who encourage
friends who put up with your bad days
being prepared
being unprepared
hope for the dawn
knowing that the day is coming…

# 206-226 of my gratitude list. Click on the icon below to start your own.
holy experience

11 thoughts on “Following Light

  1. Yup, I'm with you — life is sometimes dark and ugly and messy. Not everyone tells the whole story…I so appreciate it that you do (i.e. dog poop before 7 a.m. story — now that's messy!).


  2. So true, JoAnn. Sometimes the darkness and the ugly are overwhelming. Sometimes they're not meant to be shared in public forum. If I wanted to, I could turn on my local news. But for us, “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report…let your mind dwell on these things.” Phil. 4:8


  3. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it–the tiniest flame of light repels the darkness. I cling to this truth. Good list.


  4. I totally get what you are saying. I sometimes wonder – “Does it come off as bragging? Like, Hey everyone, look how cute my kids are and how pretty my house is and how if I pray everything goes my way.” Of course we all know that's not true. My weakness tends to be comparing myself to other moms and not measuring up. I know when I begin thinking that I'm not doing enough or loving enough or believing enough… that's when my focus has become the darkness instead of the light. So even on really bad days, or weeks, I number my Mondays list to remind myself of the light.
    Love the list especially the “typing in the dark, the quiet and the alone”


  5. I hear you. Some days I make myself make the list because if I don't I will devolve into despair and selfishness. I'm not sayin' that's you; that's just me. Thanks for being honest.
    Grace to you.


  6. “typing in the dark, in the quiet, in the alone” I think I get closest to God in these dark quiet moments. It brings me great peace. Thanks for sharing your pictures! They are great.


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