I Tried to Avoid It, But I’m Talking About Dog Doo Again

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” – Proverbs 17:22
Since my steam vacuum bit the dust, the dog has had a poo-poo problem on my nice white carpet…twice…and someone urinated on my floor.
What? The What?
Imagine my poor feelings when a little guy walked up to me and announced that he had pee peed on the floor and the pillow, sorry mom.
I put him in his room. It was the safest place for him, really.
I still feel tense. But…I want to remember the other things; the wonderful things of today, so here goes:
-A boy with rumpled hair reaching tired arms out and asking, “Yet’s cuddle Momma” after a nap.
-Sheldon ate playdough for the first time. He did not like it. He made a face at me, one of shock and betrayal. I didn’t make him eat it, so I refused to feel guilty.
-Derrick made his famous bean and tri-tip and potato burrito…oh, and there was bacon in it.
-We took a trip to the library and we’ve read all our books, twice, already today.
-While reading an animal book, Q kept pointing to any bird that represented or resembled a turkey and announced authoritatively, “Dat’s a Turkey Baster”.
I did not laugh in front of him, because my hero is Anne Shirley.
-A hilarious phone call from a friend who announced, “I need to blog about my day. I don’t even have a blog”. Then, she told me a story of horrors that may or may not have involved human excrement and a dog who will eat any-thing.
So, although I am seriously considering ripping out my carpet and replacing it with decorative cement (who’s with me?!), and I did maybe sort of almost have a panic attack, this day was full of fun.
I wouldn’t trade it…although I am looking forward to visiting my mother out on the farm tomorrow. Chicken therapy!
This is a stressful time, kids stretch your character. All this bathroom mayhem reminds me of last summer. Last summer, I was in the middle of potty training a 20 month old against my will with the added bonus of a new baby. That was a stressful time too…but as I look back at some hilarious video footage, I tear up and say to myself, “It goes by too fast!”
So here’s to today! It was crazy and I almost cried, but I know that next summer I’ll look back and wish to revisit this time, just for kicks. Baby cheeks get more boyish every year.
Today’s moral? Find your way past the poop and embrace the delightful.
Some potty humor (I’ve given up on trying to be dignified today):
holy experience

12 thoughts on “I Tried to Avoid It, But I’m Talking About Dog Doo Again

  1. talk about hand eye co-ordination, and attention to detail, and an adorable voice , and oh my , the elmo bit.

    keep calm and carry on and all that, you must be an amazing mother.
    your little guy is absolutely adoralbe


  2. LOVED your comment over at my place, because i, too, visit blogs and cannot comment because of the monkey climbing. a proposition: we should just allow the random keyboard slaps from wrestling to be our secret code language. so, when you have this posted as a comment:


    you'll know “keLi stopped by today,” and vice versa.



  3. He's so adorable. I have to admit hearing him talk makes him seem much younger than his pictures. It must be that big boy hair cut that makes him seem older to me…

    I love “Baby cheeks get more boyish every year”.


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