A Computer Hacker In Training

Dear Readers,

I was two seconds away from deleting this blog. It was very scary.
You see, everything was in boxes. I really really wanted to write a post that involved my sister and her new pet, but I couldn’t because instead of having words like, “NEW POST” or “EDIT POST” I had boxes, like this [] [] [] [] [].
What does that MEAN?!?!?
I scoured the internet for a solution. I messed with my google account. I asked my husband. I sent a facebook message to my friend who knows too much about computers. All to no avail.
I suspected my two year old was to blame. The squares showed up after I caught him messing with my mouse this morning.
But, what did he DO? Was it a virus? One time he almost subscribed us for a year’s supply of Disney stuff, but he couldn’t figure out the “enter your email” portion of the subscription (crisis averted).
At one point I had managed to change my blog language to Malaysian, but sadly I don’t speak Malaysian…so that was somewhat counterproductive.
Derrick was really thinking I should delete my blog. He thought the whole thing was hilarious. He thought I should just start a new one. He is crazy.
Here’s what I do when my computer is being dumb and uncooperative: I push buttons. Never be afraid to push buttons friends! It can only get worse!
So, an hour later, here I am, reading and writing in English. I’m so excited about being able to type in a language I can understand, I don’t even care to write my sister and her new pet. Trust me, it’s coming…but for tonight, let us all bask in the fact that I am still here, and not deleted.
I don’t know exactly how I fixed it, but guess what little stinkbug is banned from my computer?
Quinten. Because, he changed my blog language to SQUARE.
Question: who speaks Square? Why did the makers of Blogger feel the need to make Square an optional language? Obviously they have no sympathy for those of us with mischievous young.
Have your kids ever messed with your stuff and caused you to spend precious hours of your life trying to figure out what they did and how to fix it?
Living to Blog Another Day!

18 thoughts on “A Computer Hacker In Training

  1. My son is always changing stuff on the family computer – wallpaper, screensaver, just changing the format of stuff – it drives us crazy! We've never been faced with squares though. I'm with you – why would anyone even put “squares” as an option?? Ridiculous!

    I'm so glad the square crisis was averted though….and can't wait to read about your sister's new pet!


  2. Glad you didn't have to delete!!! 🙂 My kids have messed with my computer before, but I am so computer-illiterate that I can't even relay to you what was wrong.

    Although my son did pull off 16 keys off the keyboard.
    That was a treat.


  3. Funny you should ask! Over here in Caucasia, our native tongue is square. We normally don't like people knowing about that, but with internet and technology advances, our sacred text could no longer be hidden. So sorry for the confusion.

    And yes, our country is right next to the country that uses text that is people doing dance moves.


  4. Are you serious that there is a blog language called square???? FUNNY! The sad news is, I'm likely to so something like change languages myself, and have no cute faced little guy to blame it on! BTW…congrats on reaching 100 followers. Just happened to notice when I logged in!


  5. Oh my gosh I absolutely despise computers. My husband let our 8-year-old play on the computer one night for about 6 minutes while he finished putting the youngest to bed. By the time he came back downstairs, we had a virus. $250 later, no lie, computer was cleansed (we had to take it into a Geek Squad kind of place — there's no way I can tackle a virus by myself. I am a techno ignoramus). I had a complete bird over the money and the fact that my precious blog — and all the photos which of course I had not backed up — would be lost. And of totally blamed my husband. Grrrrr.

    Glad you figured it out and recovered — you are smarter than me. My solution is always power down and then restart. After that, I throw up my hands.


  6. That is just hilarious. I was seriously worried that we would have to live without your musings…glad it was a language barrier issue.


  7. we've had a few events similar here over the years.

    but this.. was unique to you and yours I'm afraid.
    so glad it got resolved and you are still here.


  8. When my son was 1 years old he got a hold of the keys and put them in his sister's doll's diaper…needless to say, we were looking for the keys for quite a while. 🙂
    Thanks for making me smile! 🙂


  9. Perhaps computers have blogs, too and they use a secret square block computer language so that we will not know of their plans to take over the world.

    And yep, by the look on that gorgeous boy's face, I'd say he's guilty.

    I've missed coming here. Hopefully, now that the nonsense around this crazy place with college and back to school and writing and man, I'm tired, hopefully everything will settle down so that the people in this house will let me get back to my real job: visiting blogs all day.


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