The Yeast of the Pharisees And The Tortillas In My Pantry

“There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.” –Luke 12:2-3

The time came to put things in boxes, and I opened a closet door and screamed, inside. Oh my messy closets, how you haunt me.

The thing is, I like a neat, clean house. I also like to spend as little time as possible cleaning it. My solution? Throw things in the nearest drawer or cupboard, anything that closes!!
I was frozen for an entire morning. The task just seemed too daunting. I knew I would never finish and die clutching a handful of unsorted junk mail, my withered arm reaching for the recycle bin.
Then I found some moldy tortillas in the pantry. That was a low point.
As the packing and sorting and throwing away continued, I had to face the awful, embarrassing truth: my house was never clean.
It looked clean on the outside, and on the inside, and I always dusted regularly and cleaned bathrooms more than I care to recount. My house looked nice on the surface but, the hidden parts were never cared for.
Cleaning out junk is never fun, hardly exciting, and very messy. There is something though, about the promise of order…and the knowledge that the moldy will not rest in my kitchen…that keeps me moving and mucking and sorting and scrubbing.
In the end, I plan on presenting a truly clean house and I dream of the finished result when the packing gets perilous.

23 thoughts on “The Yeast of the Pharisees And The Tortillas In My Pantry

  1. ah, the moldy tortilla metaphor. i know it well. the time has come for me to take things out of boxes, and though i talk a good game, i'm realizing it takes LIFE CHANGE to be the kind of mother who has a clean house — for real and for serious.

    then in the next breath, i ask — and i ask you, too, because we are kindred spirits, i think:

    do i really want to be the mama with the alphabetized soup cans? or is shoving things into closets a necessary evil: a way to prioritize making sure the Boy gets good and muddy outside today?


  2. Well, I'm certainly there with you girl. However, I fall somewhere in those gray areas – somewhere between the anally-labeled rubbermaid totes and the smelly potatoes hidden deep in the back of the pantry. Is the gray area where we, as moms, SHOULD be? Not too much in either extreme?

    I don't want to be a FAKER – where my house and my cupboards are perfect and the rest of my household (family members) are falling apart. Nor do I want to be the SLOB – where my family is in order, but you can't even step foot in my house because I'm now a hoarder.

    Nobody ever warned us that being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Either that or none of us listened…

    Hang in there – as I tell my kids – “did you do your BEST?!” πŸ™‚


  3. “My house was never clean”. I can relate — except those cupboards and drawers you mentioned are full at my house and so we have an overflow problem. Maybe I need to move and then the real cleaning and sorting HAS to be done, right…


  4. OH KeLi, the day that I have alphabetized soup cans is the day that I've joined the Borg. It would take an alien invasion to get me that organized…but as Linds asked…I guess I'd have to say No. I did not do my best, because I was too freaked out about the task at hand to do anything.


  5. oh girl… i laughed out loud at this one… and then i thought, she should write a devotion book. seriously. you always make me think and laugh and love God harder. love you. thanks for being broken with me today.


  6. “The thing is, I like a neat, clean house. I also like to spend as little time as possible cleaning it. My solution? Throw things in the nearest drawer or cupboard, anything that closes!!”

    For a moment there, I thought I wrote this!

    Great post! A wonderful analogy to the state of our inner places. Keep pressing on with the packing- you'll get there!


  7. Ahh. . . cleaning. . . the thorn in my flesh as I affectionately call it. I HATE to clean, but love the result and feeling of a clean home. I am so much more at peace when there are not 50 toys in the living room scattered everywhere but the toybox and when there are not mountains of dishes (you think I exaggerate, but I could post a picture right now)in the sink! But then again, I have 2 little kiddies. . .so is it an excuse or a reason? Depends on the day I guess!

    Once again, love your gift with words-so fun to read.


  8. Interesting read — an age old dilemma for some of us, like Henry David Thoreau in Walden Pond noted as he passed each day the little shanty dwellings of the Irish railroad workers — ” the woman has children clinging to her apron , and she is forever sweeping clean the threshold, it never gets done.”

    One drawer, one closet at a time reward yourself with rest and enjoy your family. Trust me the clutter will be there for another day , but our families grow and change.



  9., ladies.

    Family of five still living here. 20 min a day Clean house, company ready. Looks lived in.

    I think my mom suffered from some depression and our house was packed. You opened a closet and everything fell on you. Nothing left, even though it was past it's usefulness. She would sweep off the counters and pile it somewhere–never to be seen again.

    I decided I needed a place to live my life, not store it. I'm rather ADD, so these routines have saved me.



  10. Well, this is all different kinds of metaphorical, my lady. I like it. I'm the same way you are with just stashing stuff. I'm forever losing things because I stash them somewhere in the 11th hour. When we sold our last house and had a last-minute showing, I stowed dirty dishes in the oven…. I could go on, but I won't.


  11. oh, but you BLOGGED your best!! and i read it, and my laugh didn't wake the children, and my heart was united and prompted and blessed! and now i will sleep.
    p.s. tortillas can grow mold??


  12. Tortillas can grow mold, honey gets hard but is still sterile(?) after a couple years and the corners of the kitchen floor collect dirt and something else if you don't scrub them! I hate to s c r u b.

    I knew this post was going to be funny when I read that title!

    Your packing? This must mean …



  13. Okay I thought for sure you were going to launch into a devotional type thought. It was definitely implied though and I like that! πŸ™‚
    I too fall in the gray. It looks clean, even the hidden areas. But I know if i look deeper there's something else that always needs to be cleaner. I like it that way though. It means this little house of ours is filled with people who live here and have fun doing it!


  14. The title of this post should be given an award.

    I think we sometimes live in parallel dimensions. Lately my housework?- the only way I can describe it is, “I've fallen and I can't get up.”


  15. story of my life (spiritually). i often say to people, “my home looks clean, but don't look in the closets. i'm a mess!”

    lately i'm learning to be okay with my beautful mess, give grace to it, and allow him to clean it out in his time.

    great post!


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