Sushi and Wat

I’ve been packing, which stresses me out, which leads me to crave sushi. Everyone has their vices.

I always order the same thing. I have tried other things, but nothing has compared to my usual. It’s called a “Wat Special”, and it’s delightful.
Last night Derrick and I went out to sushi…again. We went to the same place we had gone the night before. I think I may have Groundhog Day Disease, but in any case there we were.
I ordered a “Wat Special” (of course). Derrick ordered a “Snow White”. I made fun of him for ordering such a girly sounding roll, and then when the sushi chef handed it to us, he called it a “Snowball”, which made it extra hilarious.
Poor Derrick.
I think the teasing gave him a complex because after that, Derrick just couldn’t decide what to order. He kept asking the sushi chef questions, “What’s in a “Triple S”?”
“Shrimp, Shrimp, and Shrimp. All Shrimp”
What’s in a “Godzilla Roll”?”
“I don’t like that one. You want that one?”, the chef helpfully answered.
It was at that moment that I looked at his shirt and saw the letters….W-A-T.
W-A-T as in “Wat Special” as in my favorite sushi roll of all time. I leaned over to Derrick and whispered, “THAT is WAT! He invented my roll! I’m so in love with him!”
Derrick rolled his eyes. Seriously people, I get that roll as often as possible, at least once a month. It’s somewhat of an obsession.
“I know, I make you my special roll. I make you half roll so you see if you like it”, Wat (my sushi hero) told my indecisive husband.
I was so excited.
Derrick was excited too, and he asked, “Do you have a name for this special roll?”
“Yes.” Wat said, and kept slicing jalapenos into papery slivers.
We waited but he didn’t seem to plan on telling us. Oh, that Wat, he’s so mysterious.
“I don’t like to tell many customers about it, because then I have to do more work,” he explained.
We still didn’t have the name for the roll of jalapenos, some sweet and spicy sauce concoction, avocado, calamari, and some raw fish and some crab and onion, and rice, and who knows what else. It was yummy.
The time came for us to leave and Derrick asked one last time for the name of the mystery roll that my hero Wat invented.
Wat smiled a little and said, “It’s called the Watobahn”.
Am I the only one who finds that hilarious?!

18 thoughts on “Sushi and Wat

  1. Missing you. Are you packing? Have you sold the house? Sushi is such a healthy stress food. I eat junk. Thanks for your prayers. Things are starting to calm down a bit (I'm whispering this part, just in case things are listening and start to act up).


  2. Very funny. I think the whole- packing/sushi combo is brilliant. Add in some chocolate and moving would almost be worth it.

    My son's favorite thing about college is the sushi bar in the cafeteria.


  3. I think it's pretty funny you went to the same restaurant two nights in a row, actually! Me, I don't know that I'd be so daring as to try a made-up concoction from Wat. You rebel.


  4. First, I'm a little behind here. So sue me.

    Second, I thought you were referring to D's eye roll when you said you get that roll as often as possible, a.k.a., once a month. I'm up on my stool thinking, “Her hubs only rolls his eyes at her once per month??? What the helk am I doing wrong??”

    Third – I'm sorry, but I don't like sushi.

    Fourth – But if I did like sushi, I would be all over the Wat.


  5. ok-i know i already read this… i don't know why i didn't comment… :/ but yes! i think that's hysterical, too and, poor dereck. he's a good sport! i''m here sunday evening and this is what i'm doing to relax… so get ready… i'm about to fill your inbox!! 🙂


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