The List I Wrote While Everyone Else Watched ‘National Velvet’

“For us the windes do blow,

The earth dost rest, heav’n move, and fountains flow.
Nothing we see, but means our good,
As our delight, or as our treasure:
The whole is, either cupboard of food,
Or cabinet of pleasure.
-George Herbert
I’m practicing the art of seeing the wide world, this beautiful earthly home of ours. I’m trying jotting down the everything and more that shows me love in fields and furrows, in orchards and offices. The list of gratitude continues, and while on the subject of offices, let me begin with:
paper clips, the silver smooth curves that magically hold things together
baby sisters, all grown up into willing babysitters
game night with neighbors, full of laughter and poor sportsmanship
a budding comedian who has smiles for days and giggles for hours and an uncanny ability to climb on furniture in under 15 seconds

Fresh figs from the tree in the paw of a dusty baby
samples of plums, juicy in the summertime heat
plum juice dribbling down baby faces deep in thought
a pile of boxes and a few bare drawers
the sense of adventure that comes with change
new library books
watching a little boy discover and fall in love with Ferdinand
227-238 of my list of thanks.
joining the Gratitude Community to count the ways we are loved:
holy experience

13 thoughts on “The List I Wrote While Everyone Else Watched ‘National Velvet’

  1. I love your list!

    ~Paper Clips – cool observation!
    ~Game Nights – I am SO a game girl!
    ~Boxes & Change – I too am in the process of moving and change (in fact I added a few thankfulnesses about that today on my blog)

    Thinking of you in your journey….


  2. This was great. Really made me want to start being grateful for my surroundings…but then I'd be bitchy about the fact that I have nothing to bitch about.
    Your baby is beautiful though, I'm still having those baby pangs, those pics made my uterus throb. Thanks.


  3. wonderful things to be thankfulf for! i have to say, that ffirst pphoto of hhim (ignore the dble letters-too much caffffffiene today!) reminds me of a high school boyfriend… just sayin! 😉 he's too cute for words, and seems so happy!


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