Wearing Our Crazy Hats in Our Crazy House on A Crazy Day

The washing machine is dowacka-do-ing and I have had a shower. The small batman that ran around all morning in nothing but a cape and a wild imagination? He’s dressed now in his boring Bruce Wayne clothes.

The baby who woke up demanding “Mik! Mi! Mik!” (“milk” you guys. He was saying “milk”) has gone back to bed. There was a kerfuffle over a little green tractor and it really wore him out.
My house is out of order and we are lucky to have enough sippy cups to go around, the cardboard boxes have heartlessly digested the rest of them.
There’s drama around every turn of the clock, and if ONLY we could WHISTLE to get the birds to come over to us. They are NOT coming, because we can’t WHISTLE.
And now, it’s time for Story Hour at the library. We will leave our mess and our boxes and our inability to whistle at home and greet the day with sunshine and finger puppets.
Happy Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “Wearing Our Crazy Hats in Our Crazy House on A Crazy Day

  1. I'm sure the kerfuffle wore you out too, huh? I know that's how it is with kerfuffles at my house!

    I hope you have a great time at story time!!! PS: I love the crazy hats and hope you wore them to the library…


  2. Okay so Story time is TOMORROW so I went to the library for naught. I changed course and went to my friend's house, bearing McDonald's, for a play date, so the day has gone pretty well so far.
    Cheryl…I am TRYING to move. I am moving on Saturday but I haven't heard back if my house has appraised and won't until tomorrow…so I'm packing in good faith.


  3. Wow – I hope everything works out with your move!

    I so enjoyed this post. It's such a nice reminder that things do get crazy, so why not just put on our crazy hats (or we always talk about wearing our crazy pants at my house) and roll with it?


  4. a glimpse! we moved 8 times in 12 years (14? mayb 14… once every one to two years). when we arrived here, my husband declared: we will live here til we DIE!! throw the boxes away!!! and to tell you the truth, more than once i've thought, “It's time to move again”!
    don't let it stress ya (right!), and don't pack pacifiers or love-things. that was bad… really bad.


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