An Important Service Announcement

Tomorrow I am moving away, and the more I pack, the messier my house gets, and the more random shoes I find….or should I say “shoe” because, inevitably the other half of the pair has been packed yesterday. I know, don’t pack a shoe until you find it’s friend! I blame Derrick. He started packing the closet for me and now the closet is breaking me with it’s random shoe epidemic.

Poor Derrick. I made him pack yesterday and now I’m complaining about it…can’t a guy get a break?
So, the POINT of this post is to say that I have NOT connected the Internet at my new place. As of tomorrow, my blogging will be super sporadic unless I break down and get the Internet, or sneak over to my friends house and commandeer her computer.
I’m going to be at my new home for a few months or so until we find the PERFECT house for the PERFECT price. It should only take a few months right? We feel like we can live without the Internet for a few months.
I will miss all my bloggy friends, and their wonderful bloggy words at their blogs. You guys are great, and I just thought I should explain why I’m disappearing for a while. You know, in case you miss me.

27 thoughts on “An Important Service Announcement

  1. so excited that you guys are able to look for the perfect house!! Wish we could sell our house. Guess God is conintuing to teach me about contentment!! I will rejoice in that and will miss reading about your fun life and what God is teaching you. xoxo


  2. Good luck finding the perfect house! (Hmm…I know of one on the water in Florida..hint, hint) Maybe you'll get lucky in the interim house and one of your neighbors will have wifi that you can hitchhike on…

    Good luck with the move(s) – I know it's hard with little ones. You'll be missed!


  3. say it ain't so, jo-


    wow. yes. what a clever farewell comment i've left here …

    praying that you find fun times (and lost shoes) with your boys at your new digs!


  4. I will miss you. I just started blogging again. And, now…you are gone.
    I'm a gaping void where loneliness resides, the song in my heart turns mournful and off key…where are you going?where are you going?
    –that's from a KFC commercial in the 1990's

    Hope you find the shoe.


  5. All the best finding your perfect house (and ways to get on the internet till you do). Meet your neighbours and ask to “borrow” their wifi. lol… Tell them you'll give them an honourable mention on your blog.


  6. You will be missed! I just found you too!! Have you ever noticed random lone shoes along roads… are they yours? BTW I love the picture of your husband. It is too cute and I can't believe he isn't hacking in and deleting it. He is a trooper I'd say! God bless you on the move and the house hunt.


  7. no way! I cannot stand it! Please tell me you are moving to my neck of the woods! We could be BFF's and all. And how am I gonna get my morning giggle out if I don't get to see that hilarious photo of your hubby?


  8. I think I'm going to have a panic attack without the thought of you here! No. I will not have this! *As she stomps her foot like a 2 year old in the throes of a tantrum.* Did that work?

    Good luck finding the perfect house for the perfect price. It's out there waiting for you. Find it fast and get back here!


  9. What???? Oh the humanity! Seriously, I will miss you dearly, you who gives me a laugh attack and/or something serious to ponder (or a bit of both) on a regular basis.

    Good luck with the move and the single shoe search. We are with you in spirit!


  10. oh no !!
    I just found this out and don't even know if you'll get my comment . My angst. My selfish get thee to a library two or three times a day suggestion!!!!!

    the best of luck finding a home.


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