A Return and A Recap

So I have the Internet again, and it’s nice to be back.

However, the two week detox was good for me, and it made me reminisce.
When I started blogging, my baby was under six months old. Now he’s almost a year and a half, with opinions and a dangerous climbing habit.
And then there’s this:
He keeps me on my toes.
So, I have my two hands full. Add to the children a gas dryer in an all-electric house, and you’ve got a busy lady.
I am here to testify that putting clothes on the line is super fun. It’s almost meditative. I think deep thoughts. My towels feel like porcupines when they dry.
Good times.
So much has happened these last few weeks. I ate about four avocado’s worth of Holy Guacamole last night. Derrick thought it would be a good night for a family walk and I sloshed my way through the neighborhood, full of guac. I almost threw up.
I saw a fox when I was putting dishes away, right outside my kitchen window! Q spent the rest of the afternoon with an empty toilet paper roll, hunting foxes.
“I’m hunting foxes so I can eat them for runch!”
I have a goat story. I’m saving it for a whole post, dedicated to the goat.
Quinten turned three. It was a wild party full of Superheroes out at the farm. Someone threw up.
Good times.
My friend Jess tried to teach me how to crochet. I hate it. I can never find the right hole and I forget which direction I was going in, and I hate counting.
I have a microwave that dings like an easy bake oven; it’s that old. I have no idea how long to microwave things for, because the dial is in thirty second increments, and I’m pretty sure the thing estimates time.
That’s basically a glimpse into the past few weeks.
The end.

14 thoughts on “A Return and A Recap

  1. WELCOME BACK!!! Invite me over, invite me over, I want to eat a fox for “runch”. I've already eaten a goat, but that's another story, one that would have to be told by email, not in the public forum tee hee

    Can't wait to hear more about your new adventures. xox


  2. lol… yay, you're back! and don't they grow fast? we had a microwave like that too, in our other house. kept us humble. and the prickly towels… i love that, the way they make me meditate. it's true. for you have nothing else to do but hang the clothes… i've often thought a menial job would be very good for the soul. my friend calls it “monk's work.” 🙂 love you. i'm so glad you've been stalking me.


  3. we had a microwave that did NOT have a plate that rotated… a metal box painted brown that i'm sure emits all sorts of bad waves… glad you're back on line… i've missed you!


  4. stinkin' funny, that's what you are. please don't ever, ever let me check your blog in the middle of the day (while i'm supposed to be mothering) or late at night (like now, while i'm supposed to be sleeping).


  5. I once developed a sensitivity to avocados from eating too much guacamole (as in day after day — not in one sitting). I would feel like vomiting and blamed it on the garlic, but a little scientific research (namely trial and error) determined the avocados were to blame. I have since shaken the sensitivity though.

    Love the Buzz costume!

    I find hanging clothes on the line meditative too.

    You're counting when you crochet? You need something simple without counting — like a scarf. Try some of that crazy faux boa type yarn — it'll hide some of your mistakes! But, you mustn't give up!


  6. glad you are back.
    I've missed you.
    I hung clothes on the line for years, years ago.
    I don't miss it to tell the truth.
    But I know when it's just my husband and i… I'll probably go back to it.

    loved the cloth diapers drying in the sun.
    not that my husband and I will need diapers anytime soon!


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