Me on a Tuesday: Textbook Narcissism and Absolute Silliness

So whilst I was away from my ‘umble blog, a lot of you said you missed me. I was ‘umbled.
It got me to thinking though, thinking that we’ve never met. I thought about my Uncle Ron, Rondo, Ronnie, and how he loves my blog but was unimpressed by my real life presence. I am officially second in his book, with my snake loving baby sister as first.
What kinda Uncle has places? Really.
The thing is, I’m much less exciting in real life. Uncle Triple R will attest to that. Right?
And so I thought I’d give you a brief glance at the me you’ll never see… So without further adieu, some facts before we go any farther in this relationship. If you, after reading this, want to place me second I’m okay with that. I am not, however, a’right with being third.

If you call me there’s a fifty-fifty chance that my phone has been disconnected. I shamelessly let my 16 month old play with it. He loves it, and even has a fake phone laugh. Where did he get that?

I don’t have the time or the patience for proper punctuation and I believe grammar is for wimps. Don’t even get me started on Spelling.
I hate to cook, but I hate mosquitoes more.
I love watercolors but not gauche and I really don’t like squash.
I am super-duper bossy with a capitol B and I’m working on that but…
I earned my sense of humor from Sesame Street circa 1984.
If I don’t get the amount of sleep I require, I get a little crazy and a lot cranky.
I require 12 to 18 hours of sleep a night.
I’m crazy/cranky a lot. Crazanky.
I like to talk about myself…especially on Tuesdays.

23 thoughts on “Me on a Tuesday: Textbook Narcissism and Absolute Silliness

  1. JoAnn, I don't know how anyone can consider you second best. You are one in a million. I love reading your blogs. Happy Tuesday!!


  2. Oh! I missed that you were back — welcome home, and welcome back to the blog! I've been incommunicato (did I spell that right? That's right you don't care!), for a week or so…but will hopefully be more in touch with you here again soon.


  3. Well I hate to cook and I'm a little bossy too. We must be sisters;) HA!

    Anyway just in case you were serious…here's how to redo furniture:
    1.) sand until you just rough up the surface…you don't need to get it to the wood. Wipe down with clean rag.

    2.) Prime with Kilz…doesn't have to look completely white. Just make sure every surface is covered.

    3.) Coat with Latex paint. I prefer satin. Usually takes a couple of coats. I use a 2″ brush.

    4.) If you want a distressed look I don't do it like other people. I usually just wipe on some brown, some glaze, maybe some metallic silver or gold and just rag it a little. Brush on and wipe off until you get the look you want.

    5.) Then I polyeurethane it with matte. Takes a couple coats. Make sure to put it on thin. It runs. Watch for drips. Once it's dry. Let cure for a couple of days to harden and there you have it! Lots of work but worth it. Good luck. Let me know if you have any ?'s.


  4. wow. now i want to meet you even more. i let my baby play with the phone too because he loves it sooo much. but i do like guache. not watercolor. and i like squash. and i'm cranky some of the time. you know, i felt i needed to be more 'real' in my post tonight too. maybe God is doing something? love you.


  5. Crazanky–Oh, I'm so stealing that. The first time I reference it as “Jo anne the blogger said it.” Next time,it's “t his blogger I read said it.”
    Third time it's my own creation and I'll charge people to use it.
    Thanks in advance.

    PS I like to talk about myself too. As long as your ok with that, let's agree to the following: I'll read your blog about you ( and steal your clever words and pass them off as my own) and you can read my blog and blog about how cleaver I am and how you feel when you read my posts (that way you'd still be talking about you, but I'd get a whole lot more publicity this way)


  6. Sorry about the space in Joanne. That was my toddler's doing.
    Also, Uncle Triple R is genius.
    I am cranky without sleep…also cranky if no one wants to listen to me talk about myself, hence the need for a blog.
    Wait, I just looked all over this blog for your name–it is Joanne right?


  7. Confirms that I do love ya and your blog. I don't need much sleep but I have forgotten grammar, punctuation and menopause is stealing the spelling skills! I think I may have a fake phone voice!


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