Some Snail Slurps and A Tree Frog

First the children got the cold. Quinten sounds like a chain-smoking waitress in a seedy coffee shop. If Sheldon and Quinten’s noses entered the Boston Marathon, they’d come in first and second place. Yes. That’s how fast they run.

You’re welcome.
We’ve been surviving by watching Peter Pan over, and over and over. I yell “Stop running” a lot, and not just to their noses. Q wants to run. He’s three. He also has picked up annoying lines from watching too much Peter Pan.
This morning he told me, “Alright, but you gotta take orders!” while I sliced an apple for him.
Then, Derrick got sick. He is sick, sick, sick, sick. He has what we call a man cold. What is a man cold you ask?
Watch this (and remember that 999 is the British 911)(I think):
Needless to say, I’ve been saying “Poor Little Bunny” a lot lately.
Sadly, this dangerous illness will be preventing Derrick from helping out in Cubbies tonight. Cubbies are a rowdy bunch of three and four year-olds who do crafts and learn bible verses. Their mascot is a bear puppet named Cubbie Bear. They also eat about six cookies as a snack. It’s a winning combination of sitting still for a long time and ingesting copious amounts of sugar.
Derrick’s devastated that he wont be there tonight. Poor Little Bunny.
In other news, I made a lego farm with Q this morning. We sang about Old Mac Donald having a farm. And on that farm there was a snail. I couldn’t wait to find out what sound a snail makes but Q filled me in:
“With a slurp slurp here and a slurp slurp there, here a slurp der a slurp everywhere a slurp slurp.”
I almost died. Of course snails slurp! How could I be so ignorant?!
Then I found a quiet moment to make calls to my new bible study group. I try to make calls with grace and dignity, at least until I get to know my ladies. Guess who decided that it would be a good time to catch a tree frog?
Q. Then he started yelling at me, regarding the frog, and how he ruves frogs and the poor frog was trying to escape and commit suicide by jumping into the side of the house and I really couldn’t even remember who I was calling, so someones message machine probably has me saying “Hi Maud” when it’s really “Stacy” that I’m trying to talk to.
How does a three year old catch a tree frog anyway?
So we spent some time making a home for this frog, and now he’s living in a Cascade carton in Q’s room. My snake loving sister is going to come by and bring some frog food and maybe a better habitat for the frog.
Does anyone know what the life expectancy of a tree frog in captivity is?

23 thoughts on “Some Snail Slurps and A Tree Frog

  1. Isn't cold season starting early this year? We all had it a couple of weeks ago, and it's miserable.

    I loved your description of your day – I remember what it's like to be stuck at home with two sick little ones. Not fun!

    And I loved the snail sound. Of course! Slurp Slurp!!


  2. i NEEDED the laugh that the man cold brought on. apparently, i was in dire need of just such an education. nice. and now i know.
    and slurping snails and maud i mean stacy and tree frog catching. it's to much, really.
    how bout this: i went “unmentionable” shopping at target last week and my 4yo had to come in my dressing room, and when black sports bra made room for a new lacy white nursing bra, i was told i looked very distinguished. b/cs that? was the look i was going for. clearly.


  3. Sounds like you better get yourself some hand sanitizer, girl. Of course, you're probably not likely to catch a man cold. Thanks for making me laugh again and again and again, and for visiting my tiara-wearing art-girl friend. And for following. Or re-following,or whatever. Who even knows how this ridiculous inter-web thing works anyway.


  4. I didn't know you guys were in Awana! I'm getting over a cold myself and spent last night with 16 Cubbies (who seldom stayed still)!

    PS: What kind of captivity are we talking about here? A sealed jar? — survival = not so long.


  5. You will think me crazy, but I miss those days when my boys were young, — you made me laugh, and sad, and laugh again….

    Peter Pan — I think it was Superman we watched over and over again.

    hope everyone gets feeling better. thank you for the lovely comment, I was still trying to iron out with blogger where my post went for Emily's Thursday, had to redo it..


  6. There's a chain-smoking waitress in the seedy pizza shop near our home. She once coughed copious amounts of idontwannathinkaboutit into her hands and then served me my pizza. I tried my bestest not to flinch. πŸ™‚


  7. Oh good, you're back! I hadn't checked in on you for a while. Sorry about the man cold. Those are really the very worst. At least you know no one else in the house can catch it. πŸ™‚
    I really need to start using “my poor little bunny”.
    When they get older, don't let them start to read Calvin and Hobbes. They'll get ALL SORTS of ideas.


  8. I am so glad my friend told me to check this out. You made me laugh as well as reminding me why it's so fun to have all teens now. I grin remembering my days with three littles… somehow the worst times were also the best. Actually, now that I think about it, not much has changed!


  9. Oh, you are a silly goose! Loved the man cold video. My husband does not act like that ever when he is sick. He just wants to be left alone. I know of this Cubbies of whence you speak. I know it well.
    Also. Phone calls. Phone calls with children are the devil. I only text now.


  10. you rock.

    and my hubs has a man cold and I kicked his bunny self into another bed to snore and make slurpy noises. cause I'm tender hearted like that.


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