Focus On Cups and Sunrises…Ignore the Pee Pee

I woke up this morning and my favorite cup (it has pretty designs INSIDE it!) was clean and ready for some coffee love.

I opened all the windows in the house and Q watched the sunrise and I rejoiced over clouds and cool weather after a few days of 100 degree what-the-end-of-September? heat.
I made ham and eggs. I sat on the back porch and sipped from my beautiful cup and thought about how peaceful and beautiful it was.
THEN, then, then…
my children drank some Stinker Potion behind my back.
I lost count of time-outs. Sheldon almost successfully ate a Kleenex. Q…well I can’t really say what Q did, because it makes me look like a bad parent.
I will say that he managed to dump milk in the living room. On the carpet.
I will say that his ears disappeared. I hope he finds them after nap time, because I’m tired of talking to myself.
I fed them both an early 11 a.m. lunch and put them to bed. Sometimes it’s all a mother can do to survive until nap time. Sometimes it’s all a mother can do to bump nap time up a few hours.
I settled down to eat my own lunch and maybe, just maybe fall asleep on the couch, when the phone rang.
Have I told you’s guys that we are trying to get a house via the Short Sale Process? Well, we are. It’s somewhat of a fixer upper.
I was fine with all the fixin‘ because it seemed like a good deal and everyone assured us that short sales take forever. Good! Let it take forever! In the meantime we’ll live in this house with no dryer and a dinging microwave and save our pennies.
Derrick called to tell me The Bank counter-offered our offer. The whole process might just take few more weeks!
He also said, “Don’t spend any money” (Derrick, not the Banker).
Because, we need to save our money…to fix up our fixer-upper that we didn’t think we’d hear back about until December.
As for spending money? I’m at home. With two children. Two children who have been fighting. Two children who have been crying. What will I spend money on? A tranquilizer gun?
I’m still in my sweat pants.
I haven’t brushed my teeth.
I’m thinking of eating cookies for lunch.
It’s been a crazy day.
I’m frazzled, tired and excited. Let’s start over shall we? This morning was beautiful, and I have my favorite cup…
AHHHHHHH! I was interrupted by someone saying, “I WENT PEE PEE ON MY BED!”
And he did.
I wont let him break me. He is three. Where was I? Oh, this morning was beautiful, and I have my favorite cup AND and I can’t think of a thing Quinten could do to make this day any crazier…so I’m going to find a good book and chill.
It’s a nice day, after all.

17 thoughts on “Focus On Cups and Sunrises…Ignore the Pee Pee

  1. how did i, as a mom of 3 boys under 4, just today learn the value of the expressions “stinker potion” and “he lost his ears”?!?!?!?!
    b/cs this money saving mama? also needs a tranquilizer. large enough for panda bears. oh yes.
    your day sounds a bit like my last week (and sorry to one up, but i'm also not in the running of uncle's fave, ahem) but w/ nausea laying me low. it was SO!Much!fun!
    where were we? oh yes, pretty cups. and lots of boys go play outside–NOW

    big hugs for a fantabulous hubbyfilled weekend!


  2. I hope you have an awesome weekend, and your favorite cup does not break…i just love your wonderful outlook on life, and how it spills over onto your beautiful blog. You make me smile…thank you! 🙂


  3. Haha You kill me! He lost his eats! I keep the grandkids 2x a week -Everett is 3 and I swear you could be talking about him…one second rotten and the next so precious! Love your blog. Good luck with the house!


  4. Oh, I remember those days. My girls are 17 months apart, and at the time they were preschoolers, I led a small group at MOPS (do you know about Mothers of Preschoolers? I made my very best friends there), worked two 12 hour night shifts a week, so I could stay home, of course, and I was generally tired.

    But I miss it.

    Now, they are 8 & 10 and much better at fending for themselves. Now they even dust, empty the dishwasher, and scoop dog poop!

    Don't fret! It's gonna get better!


  5. Oh mama you sound like you had quite a day! I can totally relate! I had one of those weeks and last night I posted a whiny, desperate plea to the Lord on my blog and went to bed early. I slept 12 hours and am ready for what today brings, I hope.
    Blessings to you and may you continue to laugh at yourself and look for the joy in each moment!


  6. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the “Mondays.”

    Do you get it? Do you get it?
    Cause it is funny and you said it to me once.
    And it is from Office Space.
    And that is funny.


  7. Your sister is afraid of spiders, but not snakes… There's something wrong there. Is she faking the spider phobia to earn more points with your uncle???

    Cookies for lunch is totally acceptable, but only if you have hot chocolate with it and cake for dessert.


  8. Ok, this comment is in regards to the post above this one. I'm still recovering from my camping trip, and I can't find your email button, if you have one – and I just so have to tell you how much I admire you for turning your comments off. So often I have thought of this, but I'm afraid I'd rather walk in a thunderstorm. I was so not looking for conviction when I logged on here, but get it I did. I'll be thinkin' about this all day now Ostrich girl – but it's a good thinkin', a soul cleanin' freein' kinda thinkin' that I LOVE. Glad I found you. : – )


  9. promise me you'll open them up again when you sort this out a bit?
    I feel buggy doing email, and don't twitter or facebook really.
    I respect your decision, but I like the community of it you know?
    good words lead to more good words . sometimes.

    love and peace to you in this.


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