A Home Tour with Old Pictures (Where Is My Camera?!)

Because it’s Monday, and I just cleaned the kitchen (but not the living room), and because the boys are antsy since it’s cloudy and because I might just need a kindred spirit to hold my hand as I deal with runny noses and hold me mommas, you are invited over to my house. I am renting this house from my parents until we buy another house, but I love it here so I thought I’d share. It’s the first house I’ve lived in with CHARACTER and QUIRKS and OLD LINOLEUM.

Bring cookies.
This is the back door. Like the blinds? Like the door? Like the super awesome linoleum? Like how I take pictures of doors?
High quality.
But wait, you would come in through the front door, because we’re formal over here. HA!
Sadly this picture is older, and it doesn’t showcase my scarecrow and my welcome sign with sunflowers, and my pumpkins on the porch.
However, even if it was a current picture, you still wouldn’t see pumpkins on the porch. My neighbor friend stole them. She stole them and spray painted one of them black, and I didn’t even know it. Derrick told on her. They were in cahoots. Does this even happen to anyone else?
She said she thought it would be funny if she replaced them with funny pumpkins, in odd shapes. In the mean time, she was spray painting my beautiful pumpkins. What the?
Crazy town guys. Crazy town.
Here’s the living room. This is before I moved in and vomited laundry all over the place. Don’t you love the fireplace? I love it, except when Shel is trying to climb on the bricks…then I get all sweaty and panicked and run screaming towards him. Other than those times though, I really adore all the red brick. Call me old school.
I saved the best for last of course.
Well, now there’s a refrigerator and a coffee maker and my super awesome pirate mugs. I have the pirates on the top of the fridge. The glare at me with their squinty pirate eyes when I get up in the morning. It’s a great comfort to me, knowing that someone else in the house doesn’t like mornings, even if the “someone else” is a ceramic mug in the shape of Captain Flood.
Speaking of, was Captain Flood a real pirate? Because I’m really afraid that Captain Flood is supposed to be Captain Blood. Maybe I have a typo-ed pirate mug.
The things I worry about.
Please notice my microwave. It is the bane of my existence, because it only estimates time. I swear that sometimes its 30 seconds is 10 seconds and sometimes it’s a minute and a half.
Pray for me.
Well, now that you’re here, lets go steal some pumpkins.
Happy Monday!

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