Strength in Leaves: A Moral in A Bunny Cup

Today I have a huge mess of a house, because the boys took it upon themselves to have a party which involved fruit snacks and green beans, the remnants of which are scattered on my floor.
Yesterday was hard too. Someone in a Batman cape and superhero underwear was testing my patience. I may have yelled at him.
He may have been whacking his brother with a plastic toy rifle at the time, but that’s no excuse for yelling.
Soon after the gun incident, the utility belt was used in another act of violence.
I was thinking about all these things as I was cleaning up the kitchen and rinsing the rancid sippy cups that mysteriously disappear only to be found weeks later. Then, I looked down and I realized something important.
Despite how I feel right now, my glass is full. Not just half-full, but completely full.
Here’s the proof:

Last night, the little Batman that annoyed me so came to me with a bunch of leaves in his little hand.
“They are for you Mama. Smell them. Put them in water.”
So, I smelled them, I put them in water, and now there’s not room for anything else.

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