Finding Gratitude in the Sink

Today Q asked me what I wanted him to draw, and I said, “A tiger”.

“How about a sink Momma?”
So, he drew a sink.
And I love that little sink. Maybe sinks are just as exciting as tigers…
Today I give thanks for the ordinary exciting things:
sunrise on the wet green grass, sparkly and golden
fresh air
bran muffins
an oven to bake them in
boys playing dinosaurs, a 17 month old growling like the best of them
zip up sweaters
soft pillows
bedtime conversations with little boys
finding toy cars in my bed every day
coming home to a husband cleaned house
watching frogs jump across the road in the rain
little secrets
big secrets
(275-289 of my gratitude list)
Start your own list, read other’s lists, click here:holy experience

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