Curious Acorn Comes Calling: A Guest Post

I asked Jodi @ Curious Acorn to come over, I wanted you all to meet her. She is an artist, a candied violet maker, a collector, a beauty finder, and a friend. I love reading her blog, it’s full of wisdom, humor, and yes, nuts. Well, it’s not FULL of nuts, but they are highlighted from time to time…Anyway, I look up to her and I am so grateful to have her over for a visit!

(I have enabled comments so feel free to speak your mind, I know you will love her as much as I do)
Several years ago, our family was staying with friends in Canada who had immigrated from Wales. While visiting, our hosts played us some music sung by a Welsh choral group in their native tongue, which they interpreted for us. The song told of parents whose children were leaving their homeland for new countries. At one point, our friends said, “Listen to this part – it’s not words, really, but rather groans. The parents are torn – they want the best for their children, and yet they grieve at their parting.” I remember at the time being a little teary hearing it, but at the same time not quite fully relating as we were still young parents raising our babies.
You know, when I was a young mom, women who were my age now would say to me, “Enjoy them while they’re young…they grow up fast”. I would always smile and nod politely, hiding my exasperation as I held one with a soggy diaper and two more grabbing each leg.
Then I blinked.
And here we are, with our eldest children grown and scattered across the world. My mama-heart does groan inside, but there’s a grace to bear it that finds its strength in Christ. Oh, those Welsh parents of long ago, how much now do I respect their unselfish love. Unlike them, I have the blessings of technology that allow us to communicate within seconds. I am thankful that we have been a close family and that without regrets we can let them grow and find their life purposes.
In the profile of my blog, I refer to my children as four of the most interesting people I ever met. I mean it. But we can take no credit for it. My husband and I married young. We went into our marriage with lots of baggage and little in the way of parenting skills. But the desire of our hearts was a peaceful home and happy children, something we ourselves had little experience of while growing up. I was terrified of repeating history. Please believe that you have a heavenly Father who hears your prayers. We’ve made plenty of mistakes. But love covers a multitude of sins. We now have three adult children who are happily married and standing on the firm foundation that God alone can give, repeating His-story.
And I’m grateful for the one little birdie left in the nest. You ain’t goin’ anywhere, kid! (ha ha, just kidding – maybe…)

28 thoughts on “Curious Acorn Comes Calling: A Guest Post

  1. As a mom who holds one with soggy diapers, while wiping the other one's rump, trying desperately to be on time to pick up the eldest from preschool, all the while praying for an upcoming healthy delivery of a “surprise” number quatro – I appreciate this. And I too, never believed anyone who told me it goes way too fast, until suddenly I had one who asked me to teach her to read. :::sigh::: There are seasons of life, and I intend to enjoy this one to its fullest – poopy diapers and all.

    God has us all in our seasons of life for a purpose – to encourage the youngsters, and the learn from the “elders.” Gotta love that design!


  2. Screee!!!!! That's my scream of happiness for finding to the two of you together here (and for having comments enabled. Ahem.)

    Jodi, Jodi, Jodi…you encourage and teach and bear happy witness to the God of grace in this whole letting go thing. Thank you for reminding me again and again and yet again that He does hear the prayers of parents, and that there is joy in the letting go.

    I love the both of you so much. Considering that you're imaginary.


  3. if only we could hold onto them…mine are still young but this year they went to school…at least the last one did and it hurts to see them go in the mornings…and the house is quiet…and i try not to blink…


  4. I love the way God prepares us for the future only He knows. Reminds me of that verse, “The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you…” (Deut. 31:8) He knew, even when your children were babies, His plans for them (and you.)

    “love covers a multitude of sins.” Do you know how much I've leaned on that verse in my 20 years of parenting? We make so many mistakes. I'm so grateful for His grace in my family. My single bird hasn't flown the coop yet. Trusting there will be grace when that time comes…

    And JoAnn, I had to laugh at Nancy's “ahem” regarding comments ; )


  5. This is beautiful, Jodi. I remember feeling the same way when my two were young and people would say that to me. Only now, with a 14 and 16 year old do I understand. I want to hang on to every single minute before they leave the nest. The time does go by so fast, and I wish I had fretted less about the house being clean and the laundry being done and just enjoyed my sweet babies more.

    I loved this, and look forward to popping over and checking out your blog. Joann, thanks so much for sharing Jodi with us (and for enabling comments…maybe you'll just “forget” to turn them back off?)


  6. My little ones are still little. Over the years, I've talked to them about the time when they will have their own homes (and I'm coming round to jump on their sofas and empty their cupboards). They look horrified that they could ever leave home and tell me they will never leave. I'm sure they will change their minds. Sigh!


  7. As a bird who is soon celebrating the one year anniversary of flying out of the nest, I am so thankful for Godly parents who let go in faith! Thank you for sharing and trusting!


  8. I know what you say to be true. My three girls were born in 4 years and now all are grown and married. I am fortunate they live close and I get to keep grandbabies 2 days a week. Time surely does fly. I love what you said about love covering a multitude of sins. So true. I wish I would have had the benefit of wisdom that comes with age then… but I have 3 happy, healthy Jesus- loving women so I guess I did ok !


  9. Joann! You let us comment…thank you thank you!
    Jodi, what a happy surprise to find you here today. Thank you so much for your words, full of grace. Our four are still pretty little (oldest is 12, youngest 5), but they are big enough for me to miss their baby days. I might need another one…
    Thanks especially for the word on love covering a multitude of sin…I mess up so often. I'm grateful for the grace of Jesus, that strains toward us MUCH MORE than we strain toward Him!


  10. oh, i have tears… i love this desire: for a peaceful home and happy children. this makes my heart pound, thinking of my little boy gone… so beautifully, heart-fully written jodi. and joann, thank you, for hosting her. and for linking today. how you both bless me. xo


  11. jodi,
    you take my breath away. i fear letting go, but i know i must, and i have to start now, giving them to god, knowing His grace is sufficient and He is in control… you are beautiful, and i pray that i may have as much grace and tact as you when my day comes… choking up reading of the welsh song… too much to say about this, i will stop now..

    joanne, thank you for hosting jodi here.


  12. thank you for these words of encouragement. i have also come into parenthood young and with lots of baggage. thank you for holding out hope that a peaceful home and happy children are possible. this is our goal, but sometimes, especially in the years of diapers, it seems next to impossible. thank you to you both!


  13. i can't say it any better or perhaps any differently than those above me, but i love this post. i, too, am still in trenches w/ wee ones and one to come and i feel overwhelmed many days and know that exasperation of how am i supposed to enjoy THIS? but i do on those other days… and i fear the day the nest is empty–proverbial or otherwise.
    i'm so glad joann invited you here (and that we can comment) to share some of your grayce (ha! i'm so funny) w/ us!


  14. I hate when a mom says to me “just wait till they're older” — like some sort of warning. Thanks for sharing the positive side of watching your children grow up.

    PS: My daughter is 6 and has no plans to ever leave our home. She has it all planned out for her and her husband and their children to have her current bedroom and sleep in her bunk bed. lol…


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