A Post About Nothing, Which is Everything

I felt boring this morning when I tried to write a blog post. I had just collected a stool sample and I mourned for you, readers, because shouldn’t you be reading about great adventures, or at least something less gross?
Then, I mourned for me, because my life is boring AND gross, and not blog worthy and yet here I am stuck with a blog and the need to write, and all I had was…poop. So I did what I do when I get writer’s block and I recorded what was going on in my house at that VERY MINUTE. This is what was happening as I mooned about:
8:39 a.m.:
The children are coloring pumpkins with markers. The markers do not say Washable on them, so my kitchen table and I are probably in for a world of hurt. We must make sacrifices in the name of art.
Sheldon is really enjoying himself. His fingers are bright green and his pumpkin is virtually untouched, but he’s very intent on putting the lid on the marker, dropping it, saying “UH OH!” loudly until I get out of my chair and hand him the lid, then he puts it on, then he takes it off. It’s part of the process, I guess.
I am washing Q’s car seat cover, it’s thunking around in the machine. Yesterday he dumped a large quantity of chocolate milk all over himself, his chair, and the car. Speaking of yesterday, I’m still recovering.
Yesterday we left the house at 7:30 a.m. and I darkened my door again at 5 p.m.
In light of yesterday, which included a lot of driving and a two hour doctor appointment, today and it’s stool sample seems like paradise.
It’s nice to be home.
Shel is singing a song, Q is raving about the garbage man (the hero of three year olds everywhere), and it’s a good day.
Did you see it? Somewhere between the pumpkin “craft” of the lazy woman and the complaint about yesterday, I found my gratitude. I realized that I had two of the most adorable people sitting behind me, singing and marking up more than pumpkins.

Today’s post proves how easy it is to miss the wonder at the end of one’s nose. Life is special, especially when it’s ordinary. Don’t miss it.

15 thoughts on “A Post About Nothing, Which is Everything

  1. Yippee! Comments are back! I like to think my nagging had something to do with that. I'm a mom. I nag. It's what I do. Speaking of what moms do–glad you found the joy in doing that thing you do


  2. You forgot to mention that you stopped at the best house ever and had a chicken sandwich and hours of entertainment. I will let that slide but only this one time…..


  3. Wait. When did comments come back, because I would have been commenting every single day.

    I'm sorry for the stool sample. I hate those days. I'm not sure which one was worse, when I had to collect a daughter's or the dog's. Why do mothers get these jobs? I can tell you why, because no one else has the bravery or stamina to do them.

    And gratitude in the small things, it is the key to happiness, of this I am convinced.


  4. I sometimes wish you had been my friend 35 years ago when my boy was small…I had no friends like you, and no God to be grateful to..I think I missed a lot. So glad that you aren't. Missing a lot, that is.


  5. *laughing* oh the joys of poop!

    i so understand what you're saying. i could be all grouchy right now because i'm sick and someone called just before 8 am when my husband and i were trying desperately to sleep-in(by which i mean that we had already been up several times, but had gotten the children settled so we could try to sleep) after several nights of very interrupted sleep.

    but instead i'm thanking God for friends that care while admiring these beautiful silly munchkins that just switched from eating cookies to whole carrots without any prompting from this mama.

    p.s i'm so glad you left comments enabled. your blog is one of my favourites. i've wanted to comment many times. i suppose i could have emailed you, but that felt too scary and invasive. thanks so much for writing. you bless me and make me laugh. 🙂


  6. I'm laughing at “stool samples” and deb's “blog fodder.” Shows you how interesting MY day has been…

    Hope everything turns out okay with the doctor stuff.

    And can I just say, “WHOO HOO!” for the comment light switch turned ON!

    (I miss those days of drawing pumpkins with little ones.)


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