Some Pumpkin Love and a WALKER!

It’s pumpkin time!

We welcome Fall with orange pumpkins and yellow hay

And a toddle through the Pumpkin Patch. Horray!
Sheldon is now walking. Usually he is walking and dragging his stuffed bunny by the ear, but I don’t have a picture of that yet.
Tomorrow we will force him into a Toy Story Alien suit and introduce him to the grand tradition of being stuck with the lame costume because you are the littlest and your older brother has already called “dibs” on Buzz Lightyear. Last year, Shel was a hotdog, because his Momma is awesome like that. He was actually a screaming hotdog. He was actually a screaming hotdog for five minutes and then? He went back to being a small baby.
Perhaps this year he will be a Ten Minute Angry Alien before he transforms into a toddler.
A Halloween Confession and A Random Story that Doesn’t Have A Point Really:
I am irrationally afraid of the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It is, in my humble opinion, a lame movie, yet I am still nervous when the beginning starts up. Derrick is watching it, and I think I shall retire to my chamber and dream about candy. Am I alone in this fear of Disney action adventure?
I have never, ever, never, liked Pirates of the Caribbean. Ask my dear Grandma, who took my ‘sis and I to Disneyland when I was knee high to a parrot. First, we went on the Jungle Ride and the animatronic hippos made me nervous, but I was fine because the tour guide had a gun.
Sadly, the next ride was Pirates of the Caribbean. I got worried when the skull started talking but then? Then, there was a gun fight complete with cannons LANDING AROUND OUR BOAT! AND? There was not a gun in our boat this time. AND? I thought the weaponry was real. AND? I screamed hysterically for the entire ride BECAUSE I THOUGHT THE PIRATES WERE SHOOTING AT US. To this day, the memory is burned into Grandma’s brain, and she confesses to being tempted to swim for shore.
We spent the rest of the day on “Small World”. I refused to go on anything else.
The End.
Okay, Since It’s Halloween Here’s ANOTHER Scary Story, You’re Welcome:
I have never done well with scary movies. We have some terrible friends that would make us watch scary movies (until I put my foot and my shoe down and said “NO!”). They made me watch a Steven King movie about an alien, but not a cute green Toy Story Alien, but some bacterial alien that came out of toilets…and it was scary…and then I had to use the bathroom myself.
I cried.
Then? Derrick and Adam (my friend’s evil husband) started banging on the door while I was, um, preoccupied. I almost jumped into the sink involuntarily.
Then I yelled at them.
They learned their lesson I guess, because when I opened the door, Derrick and Adam jumped out at me and yelled a classic, “Roar!”.
I started screaming and crying hysterically.
Halloween memories?
Sadly, I think this happened on Valentine’s Day.
These same friends are coming over tomorrow for Halloween. We will not be watching a scary movie. We wont even be watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3. That ain’t how I roll. I’m here for the candy, The End.
Linking up with Patty @ Finding Serendipity for a Halloween Masquerade Party. Be there or be squash. What?
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11 thoughts on “Some Pumpkin Love and a WALKER!

  1. *** CONGRATULATIONS Sheldon on walking!!!! ***

    Poor guy has to be the alien… You're telling me there were no Woody costumes available? I don't believe it!

    I don't like scary movies either — suspenseful I don't mind, but scary (insert shiver)… I haven't seen PotC 3. I feel like I did my duty by watching the first one.


  2. I like pirates, but I'm afraid of robots – for real. I hate them. If a robot was coming down the street, I'd cross over to the other side. Star Trek borgs (I think that's what they're called) make me break into a cold sweat. I once saw an advertisement about this robot made in Japan. It looked just like a real woman, and it talked. I wanted to throw up. Honest.


  3. How very funny!!

    Once one of my boys had to be a Hershey Kiss for Halloween. He was the cutest angriest Hershey Kiss you have ever seen, the more people laughed at his expression, the angrier he got.

    I'm with you on scary movies. We watched The Village this weekend. I had to hide behind my 16 yo dd.

    Congrats on the walking!


  4. When my daughter was “knee high to a parrot,” we took HER on the PIrates of the Caribbean ride at Disney for the first time. Everything made her a little nervous, but when the boat hit the little waterfall and the lights went out suddenly to reveal skulls with burning red eyes, she started screaming,”GET ME OUT OF HERE!” at the top of her lungs. Of course we couldn't. Then the cannons started firing… she was never a big pirate fan after that.


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