I have started to feel better, more energetic. The dishes are done...for the first time in WEEKS. I have started showering on a regular basis. I looked a raw turkey in the thigh and didn't gag. I'm so glad to be feeling better, especially since we are moving in a week or so. I still … Continue reading Eggs

Lay Off Me I’m Starving!

Yesterday we HAD to pick out and purchase carpet for our new house that we are moving to in two weeks and no, I have not packed a thing. Not even a toothpick. Derrick and I decided to make the long drive to the big city a day of fun and merriment, starting with carpet … Continue reading Lay Off Me I’m Starving!

Major News That Matters And A Bunch That Doesn’t

So, since I have started receiving emails asking if I am alive still, I guess it's time to post. Please, don't call the police. Or, um, my emergency contact. I am still here. Alive, and well...alive.I had this poetic post written in my head, but then I fell asleep and forgot the whole thing, so … Continue reading Major News That Matters And A Bunch That Doesn’t

When Things Are Dark And The Squirrels Preach

My sister tells me about her trip to the local Pharmacy and the woman she saw there, the lady with a cart full of kids.The woman tells her children she will give them bloody noses when they get home if they don't STOP IT. My sister cries in the car and together we say "blessed … Continue reading When Things Are Dark And The Squirrels Preach

Wearing My Mommypants

Today I am over at Mommypants writing about....Mommypants.Seriously. Cheryl @ Mommypants asked me to write about what it means to have "Mommypants", not the high waisted variety, but the invisible ones you put on in moments of crisis, or in my case, every time you have to change a dirty diaper. Cheryl is an honest … Continue reading Wearing My Mommypants