Wearing My Mommypants

Today I am over at Mommypants writing about….Mommypants.

Seriously. Cheryl @ Mommypants asked me to write about what it means to have “Mommypants”, not the high waisted variety, but the invisible ones you put on in moments of crisis, or in my case, every time you have to change a dirty diaper.
Cheryl is an honest writer, she has a wicked sense of humor and she’s not afraid to speak her mind and tackle big topics. Plus? She’s a great writer, the serious sort of writer that you can’t help but take seriously. You know. So go over there! Now!
Sorry. I’m being bossy. It’s the day after Halloween and I’m still trying to recover…

5 thoughts on “Wearing My Mommypants

  1. Oooo are your comments back on for good?!? That would make me happy. I really wanted to comment on your neighbor post the other day but never emailed you. Sorry. Anyway, that one really, really hit home for me. I'm off to read about Mommypants as I sit here in my own “we're not going anywhere today!” mommy pants.:)


  2. Loved your Mommypants post — it was funny and sweet and raw. What a combination!

    I see you have comments back on…hmmmm…are they staying? I am turning mine back on soon…


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