Choosing Between Unmarked Furniture and Writing?

Oh this blog.

So my comments are enabled again. I really needed the break, the time of silence. However, I think I was starting to make it about “oh, look, I’m so wonderful! I am ABOVE comments! I may not have a thousand like Pioneer Woman, but I am still better than her because I don’t need them!”
Obviously, that is…terrible.
SO they are back on.
While we are talking about my blog (which I fear is not the most exciting topic on the planet), I have to confess that I haven’t been putting much effort and time into it lately. Yesterday I wrote a quick paragraph, and I didn’t even proof read it once. In the mean time, Shel colored on my dining room table with a purple marker.
It’s very frustrating, because I love to write, and I love to pour over words. I think of fun phrases and I wrap my brain in them. However, lately the phrases and messages have just been staying in my brain. I feel that it’s my fault, a problem with time management.
I feel like I could be doing so much more, but maybe it’s a case of needing to do less.
Because at this point? Doing much more would have to involve putting my children into storage or something.
Which is….terrible.
So, I might not be around too often for a while. I may not be as good at replying to emails as I used to be. I am doing my best…usually.
I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now I need to go build a machine out of Legos.

23 thoughts on “Choosing Between Unmarked Furniture and Writing?

  1. Did the purple marker come off? Because if it did all is well. I have spots on my hardwood floor where red marker has not come off. I think it adds character… That's what I tell myself anyways.


  2. I am glad you enabled comments. Because you kept writing conversationally and I wanted to answer questions. Also, as a new reader, I felt rather stalkerish, reading and not being able to announce myself. Like walking into a home without knocking.
    And I do think that parenting is about constantly evaluating our time and now I have to go make lunch for my three which is apparently a better use of my time than stalking, reading, blogging or commenting.


  3. I used to feel the same way about painting. When my kids were little, I mean. You're a great mom and a talented writer. I'm not just saying this, but I mean it to encourage. Keep a notebook with you; write down those random phrases. You have a book in you, I know it! All in God's time.


  4. you are so funny. my favorite thing about having a blog is the feedback from people. the only problem is i'm a complete junkie. i had to go to comment moderation lately because i check my phone every 2 seconds. so good for you for taking them off and having some silence. but personally i'm glad they are back on. i like telling you what i think;)


  5. Well, I'm glad you're back. Or wait a minute, I guess it's me that's back. Whatever. I'm glad.

    I read or heard or saw something recently about the danger or making sacrifice itself an idol. Like, “oooh, we never spend ANY money…” or “Ah yes, we never do anything fun because we are too busy serving others…”

    You get the picture. It's not the same as what you're saying here, but I got it then and I get it now. There's always that fine line and sometimes I cross it on one side and the next day, the other.

    Hey – maybe you'd have more time to write if it didn't take 10 minutes to read and decipher a comment from your girl, FPFG? Just a thought.

    I'll shut up now.

    Go write something.


  6. LOL – we all understand. Really! It's officially called a “blog funk.” I'm sure you could google it and it would come up. Anyway – I vote we put our kids in storage TOGETHER – throw them some bread and water and fun fruits – and get a crack-a-lackin on doing “more.”

    But that would be…terrible.



  7. What Jodi said. What Nancy said. What FPFG said. Glad comments are on… glad you're playing with your kids… glad you write. You'll find the way. And short is okay, too. So is un-proof-read. Is that a word? Because it doesn't look like a word…


  8. For the record- you never came across as having disabled comments because you were above the ragged populous:)

    Laughed at the storage idea.

    I'm dealing with the same time crunch- I keep thinking things I'd like to write and then- poof, it's my bedtime.

    Hope it was washable marker!


  9. i love bbeing able to comment…. it helps build the connection b/t us. plus, we're nice commenters, right? only words of affirmation, that every mama needs, no matter how old our children! šŸ™‚
    i'll miss you while you are gone, but completely understand… i'm there, too.


  10. One thing that I've found about blogging, the readers are very good listeners! I don't have a lot of comments at Granny Mountain, but sometimes it just clears my mind to write my thoughts down. I started the blog after an ice storm 2 years ago so that family could see all the pictures…now I blog almost daily and share the many thoughts that ramble around in this menopausal head of mine! Doesn't sound too interesting, does it?!!! Come for a visit…


  11. it was not washable. of course not, don't you guys know me? That would be…too safe!
    I love your comments guys. It was never about you, and your wonderful comments. It was about me. I feel bad thinking that maybe you felt rejected by me when I turned them off. Because? I would carry you all in my pocket if I could. In my pocket next to my heart. Do they make pockets there? They should.


  12. This post hit home! Iā€™m so blogged out ā€“ even though I love writing. Balancing motherhood and those pesky words tugging to be typed out is sometimes overwhelming … but I think it can be done. Good luck to you! šŸ™‚


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