I have started to feel better, more energetic. The dishes are done…for the first time in WEEKS. I have started showering on a regular basis. I looked a raw turkey in the thigh and didn’t gag.

I’m so glad to be feeling better, especially since we are moving in a week or so. I still get tired easily. I go to bed at 7. I maintain the pace of a garden snail.
So last night, Derrick went to the store for me. We were out of eggs and bananas, and in our house, the Breakfast World ends when we don’t have eggs and bananas. I was asleep when he left, and I was asleep when he came back.
He woke me up, out of a deep, peaceful 8:30 p.m. snooze to tell me that we are the proud new owners of 48 eggs.
48. eggs.
Apparently they were “buy one get one free”.
So, I have about a week and a half to use 48 eggs, or else I will have to pack them, and from what I hear eggs don’t travel well.
Today I made pancakes. I wanted to make eggs, but pancakes were a special request from Q.
For lunch I made egg salad.
I hard boiled a few extra eggs for…emergency purposes?
I still have over 40.
I don’t know how to make a fritatta. I also do not know how to spell one.
My attempts at Quiche are sad.
There’s a reason this is not a cooking blog.
So my goals for this week are: pack the whole house, clean, use 40 eggs, and nap.
Baby Update: The baby is now the size of a fig. Huzzah! We know now that a kumquat is smaller than a fig.
Other Children Update: Today I lost Sheldon. I went in the kitchen to whip up an egg salad sandwich (ew) and when I called them for lunch, only Q showed up. I had left Shel in the living room. He was not to be seen. I looked in the play room. Nope. Not even in his tent that he sits in all the time (I think to get away from his nutty family). He was not in his room. I started to panic.
He was on the couch, curled up in a ball, holding his favorite special bunny (“May May”). He was asleep!
I heartlessly woke him up for lunch. I didn’t want to waste any eggs.

15 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better, and happy to hear that the kumquat has grown into a fig!

    Deviled eggs?

    Egg nog?

    Actually, somewhere around here I have an easy recipe for a crustless quiche that I got from the French exchange students last summer….I'll hunt it up and send it to you. It's really easy and yummy.

    Get some rest!


  2. Pound cake or chocolate cream pie. – If you are into health foods, at any rate.

    “Looking raw turkey in the thigh,” is brave indeed. Licking raw turkey in the thigh would just be gross…


  3. I haven't been around these past few weeks and it looks like I have some catching up to do! I read your news while I was in New Orleans, but I wanted to properly congratulate you and an iphone is not good for proper congratulations. It's too much work, typing out letters on that little phone.

    God Bless you and the sweet new life you're bringing into the world! I can't wait to meet the newest creation, your little fig when it's the size of a small watermelon. May you all be blessed with joy and richness that only a new life can bring into this world.

    And as for the eggs? I was a sick, tired girl, too. When my husband would leave for work in the morning I would be half out of it, reclining on the couch while the little ones played underneath me. When he would return, it would look like I hadn't moved the entire day and sometimes that was the case.

    But the only that got me through those first few puky months, was comfort foods. One of my favorites was fried egg sandwiches with a slice of melted cheese on the top. It was one of the only things I could keep down. Might want to try it. It's delicious.


  4. my friend showed me how to make a quiche with four small soft tortillas instead of a crust.

    don't worry. once pubert grows up a little, having eggs for breakfast will mean cooking seven of 'em, like at my house.


  5. You could invite Andrew over for lunch and dinner and breakfast. Eggs seem to be the only thing he wants to eat these days. Eggs and lucky charms. Glad you are feeling better!! 🙂


  6. This is my first visit to your blog, so I wanted to say hello. Hello:)

    I wish you luck with the eggs and with the move. I moved twice while being pregnant. Not such a fun thing to do!



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