Scattegories: Written During the LAST Five Minutes of Nap Time

I think I have the black lung. It manifests itself in a chronic cough that spends it’s free time as a tickle in my throat.

Don’t worry! There’s still Halloween candy over here, and it does wonders for the black lung!
Tonight I have a birthday party to attend. It starts at 6:30, which is a half hour before my bedtime. Usually at 6:30 I am staggering around, looking for the EXITS, the chocolate milk, or at least, my pajamas.
How will I survive?
It is a birthday party for a five year old at an indoor bounce house gym thingy. I’m counting on the noise level and the birthday cake to keep me awake. I may have two slices.
All this birthday talk is bringing back memories of Q’s third birthday. It was a Superhero Party at the Farm, because we like to mix themes and come up with general weirdness.
If you went to that party, you will not be getting a thank you card. Thank you though, for coming. I probably have no idea what you gave him. A Supervillian threw up right in the middle of present opening time, so I was a tad distracted.
This Supervillian is also our neighbor friend, who we will be moving away from in a few weeks. Isn’t that a sad story?
Where was I?
Today I have packed Zero boxes. My mother was supposed to come over and help, but she decided to take soup to Widows instead. What a hater.
Her soup was good though. She gave me some and I have had six bowls. I think the baby likes vegetable soup, because usually? It’s not my favorite.
Even though I have packed Nada, I made pancakes and EGGS this morning. I made the pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse! I also washed dishes! I watched my kids ride bikes in the freezing cold! I cleaned the bathroom!
I would also like to take a moment to reflect on the fact that Alexis from Finding Prose in the Laundry is also pregnant. She is three weeks ahead of me.
She also is my sister in law. She also has a daughter who is a week younger than Quinten and a son who is like, a week younger than Sheldon. Isn’t that hilarious?
I don’t really have a point to this, I just wanted to post an embarrassing horse/apple picture of her. It’s how I show love.
And, now little people are climbing on me. The end.

13 thoughts on “Scattegories: Written During the LAST Five Minutes of Nap Time

  1. I smiled all through this post too! Hope you have fun at the party, and manage to stay awake. Two pieces of cake? Six bowls of soup? It sounds like you might be getting your appetite back…How is the egg dilemma coming along?


  2. Soup to widows? Man, she really was sticking it to you, wasn't she. Always a pleasure to see you here in the alternative universe. No matter what you say. Or don't say. Any clues about where you're moving (or, as we used to say back in western Pennsyltucky, where you're moving to?). North? South? East? Midwest? North of the equator? Remote tropical island? Just curious…


  3. Enjoy the party and be thankful you're not the host. Is what I say.
    My sister and I had our last two pregnancies within 4 months of each other (and the firstborns were 13 months apart) and we have the same doctor. She tells me when she went in to tell our doctor she was pregnant with #3 (four months after me) he told her “It's not a race, you know.” Guess he figured we were trying to one-up one another – it has been a blessing to have cousins so close in age!


  4. A Supervillian who throws up has amazing powers.

    Sorry for you about your non-packing day, but glad you had more eggs. Build up your strength with eggs and soup for when you actually do pack.

    The horse pic is hilarious! You'll have to use it every time you refer to her…


  5. If (when) we meet for realz, you are prohibited from taking any pictures of me because I just don't trust you with the goods.

    I'm happy you're feeling better? (Are you? Feeling better?)

    And I love vegetable soup. And Mickey Mouse pancakes. But I do not like bouncy-house birt-day parties.


  6. Whew…I thought it was going to be a picture of me cooking in the kitchen on Thanksgiving without my makeup on.
    I am SO happy your feeling better!
    I smiled while reading your post above. So glad Seldon is blossoming. He is just precious, Quinten too:)


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