Reindeer and Barf

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

Let your heart be light…
Christmas time is here, and we are the proud owners of a new home, or as my dad put it, we are in debt. WhooHOO!
Tomorrow I go and pick out paint colors and maybe clean and maybe take a few boxes over to the new house. Oh, and I need to buy light bulbs. Who wants to bet I forget the ladder and the husband that I need to get the light bulbs installed?
I have been eating Clementines. I bought a box yesterday and there are only about ten left. In my defense, Q has been eating Clementines too. I think he had seven yesterday. We may have to arm wrestle over the last of them.
Speaking of yesterday and orange food, I made a delightful dinner of pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots and peas. I was feeling so domestic. Imagine my shock when none of the little boys in my house wanted to eat their dinner. Sheldon stealthily fed his peas to the dog. Quinten managed to eat three carrots. He liked the first two but then he THREW UP when he ate the third one. It was good times all over my Christmas table cloth. I tried not to be angry, but…some days it just seems simpler to feed everyone PB&J’s and Clementines for all eternity. At least then everyone would be happy.
Today I was stuck trying to explain to Q that Jesus is God, and God is Jesus, and halfway through my brain exploded. Luckily I managed to shove it all back in my head in time to watch a small plastic warthog visit the Nativity scene, and bring baby Jesus a present.
So. At least we know it’s Jesus’ birthday, even if we can’t explain the Trinity.
Last night I heard Q singing a song to his brother. The song went like this, “I put a BUG in their mouth. I’m getting Nothing For CHRISTMASSSS! Mommy and daddy are mad. I’m getting nothing for CHRISTMAASSSS! I’m getting nothing! I put a BUG IN THEIR MOUUUUUUTH!”
(click here for the obscure song lyrics that his rendition is based on)
We are teaching our children the classics over here…and to hedge their expectations for presents.
This has been our Christmas so far: joyous, messy, barfy, foody, old movie-y, nativity-y, messy, musical delight. I think it’s the best sort of Christmas to have really.
How’s your Christmas season going?

9 thoughts on “Reindeer and Barf

  1. Ha! Tried to explain the trinity to your kids huh? Pretty certain my head would explode too!

    We had the Santa discussion today…My kids know there is no Santa, however Jack still insists on believing in him – I think because he's afraid he won't get any presents. I raise such selfish kids.

    Glad you're feeling domestic and that the barf didn't belong to you!


  2. Congratulations on the new house…that is always a mix of exciting,exhausting, and scary all rolled into one. Love the photos! It is funny how kids can ask questions that seem simple enough, but sometimes can make us think too hard on how to express the thought. I just love the way you capture the simple moments so eloquently! Hope you all have a great weekend, and get some rest! 🙂


  3. If you actually COULD explain the Trinity, I'm not sure we could still be friends. Me, being mortal and all. You may be happy to know that, in my house, Hunter Dan* is attached to his tree stand, using my advent wreath as a ground blind.

    *Hunter Dan=G.I. Joe, only in camouflage and blaze orange and accessorized with hunting gear. Available at Cabela's, nationwide.


  4. Hope the light bulbs are in. Imagine my embarrassment at having to goggle what a clementine is…

    The mark of a true mom is the ability to push barf out of the way and continue the meal.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Congratulations on your new home! How lovely to 'break it in' during the Christmas season. (Well, part lovely and part overwhelming I'm sure…)

    Have you heard the apple analogy for explaining the Trinity? The skin, flesh and core of the apple are the three parts of the apple in one.

    Elijah would tell you “It's not Jesus' birthday, but it's when we *celebrate* Jesus' birthday.” That's what he announced at Awana last week. He's right — you have to give him that, but don't feel you have to break it to Q just yet.

    I love that song (I only know the chorus off by heart, but I think it's hilarious). You'll have to post a video of Q singing it!

    Have you taught him “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” yet? Of course if he loves his Grandma too much for that you could go with the obscure Christmas classics: “Six White Boomers” or “Mele Kalikimaka”.


  6. How's my christmas going? 'Bout the same as yours, sans barfing (grateful for the small things). Seriously, it's a crazy time of year.

    Congratulations on the house purchase — that is good news (aside from the debt of course).


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