Mish Mash and Celery Blue

Although we have a new house, we have not moved yet. We have spent the weekend working and working, from dusk till dawn, from 24 to the 7. We have taken five trips to Home Depot in two days. We have thrown a milkshake on the ground at Home Depot because we weren’t allowed to grab light bulbs (SHELDON nooooooo!).

Our workers are exhausted.
The first thing Q said to me this morning was, “Hey you know that tree you didn’t like? I cut it down for you. Daddy let me use the sharp sharp tools that could cut my fingers off.”
Er. Thanks?
Derrick has cut down four trees, a fence, two vines, a lattice, another fence, replaced six light bulbs, fixed a broken curtain rod holder thingy, and frost sprayed a window.
I spent the weekend picking out paint colors.
The whole weekend.
That was all I did.
I wandered around, staring at walls, turning on lights, staring at walls, turning off lights, staring at walls. I would sometimes ask for a second opinion.
Me: “Derrick, what do you think of this green in here?”
Derrick: “It’s blue”
Me: “No. It’s green. Trust me. It says celery green on the paint swatch and everything.”
Derrick: “It’s blue. I’m telling you it’s blue”
Me: “Fine. It’s blue. What do you think of this celery blue color in here?”
Derrick: “It’s up to you. I don’t really care. But it looks blue.”
I eventually learned to stop asking for second opinions. The house color is on my head, and 48 hours of obsessing later, I am okay with that.
Wow, this is probably the most boring post ever.
I am tired I guess. I have lost all care for quality control. Taco Bell broke me.
You see, we were ordering a nice healthy dinner tonight, at the Taco Bello, and someone under 20 started to scream, “MY BOTTOM ITCHES!! I HAVE A RASH! I HAVE A RASH!” loudly, into the speaker.
“Yes. We’ll have have a Nachos Bell Grande with that…”
They got our order wrong. We drove on.
The end.

14 thoughts on “Mish Mash and Celery Blue

  1. That celery blue conversation has happened in our house before just with a different color. I, however, made the mistake of sending my husband to get the paint and he got the wrong one. Apparently he wasn't listening while we were discussing. We used it anyway and I still hate that wall. Two years later. Lesson learned.


  2. I heart Taco Bell, rashy butts and all.

    I can't believe you didn't consult me on paint! Oh, I'm so unnecessarrrrrrryyyyyy! Waaaaaah!

    ps – best lines of the day (in the universe): “I have lost all care for quality control. Taco Bell broke me. “


  3. Every time I go to the Taco Bell which may or may not be a lot, I have the best intentions of ordering off that healthy menu. But then I see that picture of the chicken crunchwrap supreme. And since I am a texture girl, and I love crunch, I convince myself I'm going to order it but only eat 1/3 because that's kind of the same as ordering off the healthy menu. And then I taste it and well, 45 seconds and a groaning stomach later, I am vowing the NEXT time to eat healthy. It's a vicious addiction.

    Moving is the pits. I always say I'd rather give birth than move again, but since you're going to do both, I think you might just be a masochist. Go eat some taco bell and flip some more light switches.


  4. Oh, and one time when we were building our house, we spent a whole day, from the time the place opened until it closed, in a super Lowe's. I didn't even think that was possible. Sadly, it is.


  5. Jodi, I love that goggles comment. lol…

    JoAnn, you must post samples and poll us masses. You should know by now to never ask a husband for opinions on things like that. Better to ask your children and/or people on the internet who will never even see your home in varying shades of daylight…


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