Perspective and Determination and a Few Cookies

Last night, Q threw up at dinner again, and his right ear was a nice flaming red. It was also kind of puff. It was also hot.

It remains so today, thus we are all planning an exciting visit to the Doctor. Then, I have a Doctor appointment, the sort that one doesn’t take kids to. All in all, it should be a thrilling time.
Road Trip!
This morning I broke my favorite necklace. I have only put makeup on one eye. Juice was spilled all over the kitchen floor and my mop is at the new house. The kids are still in PJ’s. Derrick drove off with one of the car seats. Shel is going to the Doctor too because he has my black lung, which I still have, plus a cold, which I have as well. I am out of Kleenex so I have been wiping my nose with toilet paper.
It doesn’t look good on paper.
I have been told that I am cute three times this morning by Q. Right now a small blond boy is saying, “UP” to me with clarity and determination and it’s adorable.
There are Christmas cookie bars in the fridge.
Derrick is back from a long business trip and there’s no feeling like having your family back together.
As Scrooge’s Nephew Fred says in A Muppet Christmas Carol, “What right have you to be dismal? You’re rich enough.”
I shall fa-la-la-la-la my way through the day and maybe eat a cookie or three and enjoy myself.

3 thoughts on “Perspective and Determination and a Few Cookies

  1. Wonderful perspective in light on maybe not so wonderful circumstances. I hope you are all feeling better very soon. I know what it is to have a case of the yuckas during Christmas. 😦


  2. Desiree is throwing up here too. Hopefully we all can shake it before Christmas (my family and your family I mean).

    I grew up with only toilet paper to use on my nose and vowed that once I became an adult I would buy tissue paper for significant colds. You should splurge and get the lotion tissue paper if your nose is really sore….

    I'm sorry about your necklace… Is it fixable?

    That's so sweet that Q calls you cute!


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