A Portrait of Humility With A Few Words From A Rat

Charlotte: What does it say? You’ll have to read it for me.

Templeton: It says HUMBLE.

Charlotte: HUMBLE? Humble has two meanings. It means NOT PROUD and it means LOW TO THE GROUND. That’s Wilbur all over. He’s not proud and he is near the ground.

Templeton: Well, I hope you’re satisfied. I’m not going to spend all my time fetching and carrying. I came to this fair to enjoy myself, not to deliver papers.

I live my days quoting random passages of Charlotte’s Web, and usually I quote Templeton because he is my favorite. I just love a good rat.

Do you know what I don’t love? I don’t love to say “Cheese”, especially when the camera is in the hands of a three year old.

Q got his eager little paws on my camera the other night, and I have just now loaded them up into my computer.

Behold my husband:
I really like the dark and light contrast in the background, and doesn’t my husband look adorable?
I was really proud of my little son, until I saw this:
What am I doing? Why do I have crazy eyes? Why do I have bangs? Why is my shoulder attacking my ear? Why? WHY? WHHHHY?
Well, I hope your satisfied.

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27 thoughts on “A Portrait of Humility With A Few Words From A Rat

  1. I didn't recognize your husband at first either — he looks like such a nice and reasonable guy (who knew!). Although I can see a resemblance between Q and him…

    “I'm not going to spend all my time fetching and carrying.” I like that — I'm going to see if I can incorporate it into my collection of parenting quotes.


  2. now see, i have the opposite response. i am thinking this picture makes me want to invite you over for a cup of tea and some girl talk, because clearly fun times shall be had.


  3. “I just love a good rat.” It seems like all the other commenters aren't touching this one, but I've gotta tell ya, hon. Loving rats = not okay.
    I hate to speculate, but you know, that could have something to do with the sudden onset of the crazy eyes.

    p.s. just kidding.
    p.p.s. you're awesome (and adorable).


  4. My pictures all look like that. I don't know why, but somehow I don't have the picture taking gene in me, either that or I walk around with half closed eyes and spastic limbs. I'm hoping it's the gene.

    Your hair looks super cute, by the way. I'd be ecstatic if my hair looked that great in a picture.


  5. I love seeing the shots The Dudes take when I let them at the camera. It's usually a ton of the ceiling fan and their random toys, but they usually also get some pretty sweet ones of me too! And, by sweet I mean ridiculously funny!


  6. O Ratty, you're adorable! That Q, he sure has the eye. Thanks for inquring as to my whereabouts (I feel so loved, snif). I was hibernating, sad 'cause my babies went home. But I'm back now.


  7. Joann Mannix just left me your blog link in a comment on one of my posts –

    I owe her a basket of fruit or at least a thank you card for sharing because I can already tell I'm going to love it here.

    Subscribing now.

    Then I'm going to dig the dusty copy of Charlotte's Web out of the box of books my parents dumped in my garage when they retired and moved to Palm Desert (selfish).

    Then I'm going to smash all the cameras in my house just in case (smart).

    Because I do NOT look good in bangs…

    You, however, are fabulous.


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