A Time For Frozen Treats in January

Life had creeped and crawled to a manageable pace, and there was time for books and gardens, mopped floors and meals. I thought it would last forever, but I woke up this morning to a mess and some stress, to small coughs and runny noses. I have a full schedule this week, with a topping of Disneyland at the end of it.

I won’t do the dishes tonight. There aren’t many (since our dinner was turkey caravan rolls courtesy of Costco with a side of chocolate milk).
Instead I will carve out some “me” time, and spend most of it waffling between the DVR and the Internet. I will make plans for rainbow sherbert scoops and I will tell people to stop “falling” out of their bed. I will listen to small ones sing songs about the Farmer, who is apparently taking YOUR wife these days.
We are all sick here, with phlegm and mucus and sinus headaches. My house is a Level Five disaster. My eyes are burning with tiredness and I think I have Walking Pneumonia. I am having reoccurring nightmares involving 3 hour lines at Disneyland with a screaming toddler. So, why am I so joyful?
Tonight my kids are singing in their bed and my husband is playing Dodgeball.
The yellow team on Derrick’s Dodgeball League has wisely chosen the name Urine Trouble. Bah!HA!HA!
I’ve had a weekend of friends and food.
I said Rainbow Sherbert earlier right? Rainbow Sherbert.
Mismatched Pajamas (because it fits with the sort of day we’ve had).
Remind me how joyful I am today, because I’ll probably forget by tomorrow.
Continuing the list # 290-299…unless you count Rainbow Sherbert twice.
The reason I started a blog is found here, in this video below. Her book is out now, and I fully intend to read it. You should read it too. Click here for the first chapter.

11 thoughts on “A Time For Frozen Treats in January

  1. Blessed to have snuck you in before bed.
    Blessed to have snuck blogging in , here there,
    in the arms of the day as Ann says.

    feel better.
    I pre-ordered and can't wait.


  2. Isn't Ann the reason we all started blogging? Almighty Amazon has informed me that my copy(ies) are on their way. Now if the postal service can just make their way to bring them to me through the sleet and freezing rain…

    I like that, in the next few days, we'll all be reading the same book together, and apart. What strange fellowship we have here in the year of 2011. Feel better, my friend!


  3. oh, i'm DEFINITELY counting rainbow sherbert twice. and now craving some, thanks. 🙂
    hope your family gets well soon, and you continue to find joy in the disaster.


  4. I had a recurring dream last night that my blog followers kept skyrocketing and then plummeting, and I couldn't figure out why. I tried to figure it out for like the entire night in my sleep. It was horrifying, and I woke up feeling like a giant loser that I dream about blog stats.

    Anyway, your past made me laugh…and feel at one with you. And every. single. time. I see that picture of your husband I laugh out loud. Every time.


  5. Um. This has been the greatest gift of my week. I always gasp when I come here. A gasp of a writer in love with words, who breathes in the words of her friend, her compadre in name, and is always left reeling by their beauty. Thank you friend, for giving me another hallowed writer to find inspiration from.

    I needed this. Thank you.


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