Disneyland Confessions: Part 1- The Ugly

Last night I brushed my teeth, then I ate an orange, then I flossed and went to bed…without brushing my teeth again! I am not sure what my two boys actually ate for dinner…it might have been a Twinkie. I know I didn’t brush their teeth.

If this sort of crazy is not your cup of tea, please promise me you’ll never, ever take two kids under three to Disneyland while pregnant.
Actually, this sort of thing isn’t my cup of tea either. I almost died when I saw my sweet husband come out of the gas station with his “snack”of…whatever Twinkies are made from…for the boys.
Almost died.
But, I’m not dead. I am very much alive and I am back from three days at the “Happiest Place on Earth”. I cried more during these three days than I have in months. However, I am alive.
Michelle from Graceful commented that I look like I am “full of life” when I posted my crazy eye picture. She is right, I am full of life. People that are full of life are also full of “feelings” (or as my husband likes to call them, “emotions”).
These “feelings” were compounded by uncomfortable shoes and pregnancy hormones.
I may have sobbed uncontrollably one night because I missed the light show.
I have no idea.
But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.
My in-laws gave the family very generous gift cards to Disneyland for a Christmas present. I planned on using them in 2015 or so. However, my niece had a birthday and everyone decided to go to Disneyland. Who was I to argue?
The night before we left, I had a panic attack. I don’t like long lines, I don’t like “Spectacle”. I don’t like carrying children in the sun. I don’t like buying expensive cafeteria food. I don’t like mice.
Derrick tried to soothe me, and he offered to buy me a Carmel apple when we got to Disneyland.
“I don’t waaaaaant a Carmel apple!” I wailed.
“Okay, a chocolate Carmel apple!” he replied.
“NooooooO! It will be ten dollars! I don’t want a chocolate Carmel apple that costs ten dollars! Whaaaaaa!”
Yes. This conversation really took place. And, I may have been crying hysterically.
I finally fell asleep after my husband gave me a small pep talk about having a good attitude, and not making it about me, and not being a scrooge.
Q woke us up at 6 a.m. ready to go. “I’m starving for Disneyland!” he yelled.
And by the morning light, with rest and a bag full of snacks and an ice-chest full of snacks, and my children in matching outfits, having studied maps and online “Tips for Disneyland with Toddlers”, I was starving for Disneyland too.
I’ll finish this series…I’m afraid it will be a rather revealing glimpse of my moody/needy/high maintenance self, but confession is good for the soul. Can we still be friends now that I’ve hinted at my general dislike for the big Mouse?

14 thoughts on “Disneyland Confessions: Part 1- The Ugly

  1. One more thing we have in common! I never cared for the “mouse”, either; nor was I a fan of Disney movies. Terrible mother. My kids still remember when I made them watch “On the Waterfront” instead of “Aladin”. You're right–confession is good for the soul, hee hee.


  2. oh honey, i know. i KNOW. i too was at disney back in the day, preggo, two little boys in tow.

    i was a walking basketcase.

    it truly cannot be helped; small children + overpriced food + bustling crowds + progesterone + happiest place on earth = mama meltdown. glad we can be high-maintenance together. 🙂


  3. We did Disney World at T'giving with our kids and grand kids. It was great, however I think I might have cried more than once. I love it. I did cry out of happiness the first day when we walked down Main Street USA. ha my hormones are wacky too…. they are dying by the day! Can't wait to hear more of your story.


  4. you are on a pedestal for this.

    Disney never got on our list of things to do , pregnant or otherwise.
    We did Universal about 7 years ago.

    The only thing we purchased were margeritas. (sp)


  5. Oh girlfriend, I adore your blog! So glad you survived all the “happiness.” I'd sound *exactly* the same. I'm always a hormonal roller coaster tho… Maybe that's why I don't crave paying for a ride on one. But we are feeling like baaaaad parents for not doing the big mouse house… Are we? Just preparing home, farm n critters for a “vacation” drives me to tears. By the time I'm in the car I'm just so dang relieved the prep is over and the farm is outta my hands. Looking forward to learning how your trip went. Will there be more barf n tears? I'm bettin'!


  6. Ahahahahahahaha! You made me laugh out loud. I love your brand of crazy. I would have cried too. I think my children will probably never go to Disneyland. I hope they turn out okay.
    Can't wait to hear more. You are just so full of life! Hee hee!


  7. Well, i have already confided in you my secret desire to have the mouse assassinated. That's what happens when you live around the corner from the happiest place on earth and your stinkin' family thinks it's fun to go there every. single. weekend.

    And I have cried over a Big Mac while pregnant. It was actually, my desire for a Big Mac, something I don't crave or cry over in non pregnant life.

    And I have the big feelings too. Something that wears my husband to the bone, those feelings of mine.

    I'm glad you survived. I understand.


  8. i'm even more friendly now that we don't like THAT MOUSE together. so.creepy.
    and yeah, i'm not going til at least 2015 and even then i might let them go by themselves. i know.
    can't wait to hear more confessions. i got a great chuckle. you know, from one preggo to another.


  9. You deserve two candied apples — one of each flavour. Sure your family will have to do without fresh produce for a week, but you need to prioritize, right? lol…

    I can't wait to see your boys in matching outfits and all those giant characters! (MM included?)


  10. Is it sad that what struck me was how your hubs told you to suck it up and it's not all about you…in so many words? I HATE it when they are right. Mine did that to me once. I was mad at him for like…..a long time. Darn it.


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