The Aftermath Is an Afterparty

Yesterday was spent in the throes of throw up, but this morning Quinten announced, “Sheldon! My sickness went away in the night when I was sleeping!”

So, he’s fine now…which is more than can be said of my couch.
This morning I tried to chase Quinten around with the “barf bucket”, just in case of a relapse, but I quit when he started running through the house yelling, “Quick Shel! Run! Don’t let the mosquitoes and the bad guys get you!”
“Yah. I do.”
We had scones for breakfast. We also had scones for dinner last night because after a vomit session yesterday, Quinten looked at me with reproach and said, “How come you never make muffins for me anymore?”
So I made scones. With chocolate chips. They were delicious AND they stayed down. A win/win situation.
All this to say, it’s cozy over here.
Maybe a little smelly and snotty, but it’s mostly cozy.
We are hiding under beds and eating lots of Cheez-It’s, watching too much TV and drinking too much juice, and enjoying every minute of it.
The fog has wrapped our house up in a damp, grey cocoon. It’s a beautiful, dreary, sick day.
Cheez-It anyone?
a picture of my new front yard/forest

11 thoughts on “The Aftermath Is an Afterparty

  1. Yay for sick because you know the party follows!! We did the sick thing here last week! And all the cuddles and fun that followed… Hope you are enjoying settling in to your new house. Love the front yard, especially with the fog!


  2. I love the sadness of fog. It just enshrouds everything with its grey light. Your forest looks beautiful. Glad the icky bug is gone. And hiding under the bed goes perfectly with foggy days.


  3. I'm having front yard envy. January grays are made for Cheez-Its and too much TV in my book. The older your kids get, the more gorgeous they become.


  4. I love the pic of your little boy holding his foot up playing with the paper. That sent me back…Before you know they have big kid feet. And it is sad. And you get on to them for playing with their feet then touching everything…I wonder when that transition occurred? I let it slip right past me!


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