Disneyland Confessions: Part 2 – The "MeMe"

Welcome to Part TWO of my exciting recap of my exciting trip to Disneyland…with two kids…while pregnant…and the kids were sick…

Anyway, here’s Part ONE if you missed it.
In the midst of all the packing and preparing, I made sure I had matching bright shirts for the boys to wear each day. The color I was going for was “Construction Worker Orange”…you know, to spot them in a crowd of people, in case they somehow escaped their strollers and started running a muck. Plus, I have watched The News one too many times.
The other thing I made sure to bring was a fluffy blue bunny who goes by the name of “MeMe”.
If I had to choose between packing my underwear and packing MeMe, I would choose to pack MeMe. That is how important this bunny is for the good of the family, the nation, and possibly, um, the world.
You see, MeMe is Sheldon’s special bunny. He takes him everywhere. He sleeps with him. He cries dramatically if he sees me toss the thing into the wash.
It is not uncommon to see Sheldon walking around the house with a thumb in his mouth and a MeMe ear by his nose.
MeMe gets so much love, he needs a good washing once a day. Being the balanced mother I am, I let MeMe get really stinky…it takes about a week. Sheldon has a favorite bunny ear that he sucks on, until it gets a nice, smelly, smell. I know it’s time to wash MeMe when Quinten starts to say, “No! I don’t want to sit by Sheldon. Sheldon, your MeMe stinks! Why you want a stinky MeMe?!”
Here is Sheldon on a recent trip to the beach…with his MeMe:
The point is, MeMe had to go to Disneyland. So, right after I purchased Electric Orange shirts in sizes 4T and 24mos, I threw MeMe in the wash.
He came out fluffy…with a gash in his chest.
MeMe was damaged.
MeMe was going to Disneyland.
However, since he was a bit worse for the wear, and because I hadn’t purchased an Electric Orange shirt in MeMe’s size (we wouldn’t want to lose HIM!), we decided that he had to stay in the hotel room.
I didn’t understand the repercussions this decision would have.
Facing a loud, bright, musical new world without his MeMe, while fighting a head cold, proved to be a strain on Sheldon. His solution? Make Mommy his new MeMe.
He would only let me push him in his stroller. He would only let me hold him. He would only ride the rides where he got to sit on my lap. I tried to take him on the carousel and he flipped out, tried to leap off his noble steed and screamed hysterically.
Standing next to him was not an option, he needed to be attached to me. Luckily I was able to exit the carousel before the ride started, or else I would have ended up riding in circles while wrestling a 20 month old perched on a giant plastic horse.
Here is a picture of Shel when we foolishly put him on a ride with Daddy.

He started screaming and crying hysterically soon after this picture was taken…which makes sense considering he was on a caterpillar train that drove around giant pieces of fake food.
So, I spent my days at Disneyland like this:
and the boy was happy:
okay…and so was the Mommy.

13 thoughts on “Disneyland Confessions: Part 2 – The "MeMe"

  1. that is a mighty cute meme…but methinks YOU make an even cuter meme. apparently sheldon concurs.

    ps the caterpillar train photo is making me giggle. πŸ™‚


  2. I'm so glad your ear is not by his nose…

    Where are the gigantic characters? The princesses, the MM club??? Surely you could have found the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (that may have helped with the MeMe withdrawal).


  3. Oh my. I think you deserve some sort of an award for just GOING to Disney at all. I couldn't do it. I have a real phobia of the people dressed as characters, I really do! And don't even talk about the animatronics. I would need xanax. That picture of Sheldon is priceless!! Make sure you stitch up MeMe. Maybe Febreze would work on him – but that might not be good to suck on –


  4. Oh Meme. Poor Meme. We have a buddy. In fact, we have TWO buddies because we thought one buddy got lost in the snow last year and snow-plowed. I had visions of seeing fluff all over the ground once the snow melted. So I googled Buddy. A match was found. For $10 I had a replacement…and then we found original buddy. So we had two buddies. Yes. HAD. Now one has gone missing. Again. I think he saw that the other one got a rip in him, and ran away. Don't ever underestimate the power of google and having a “backup” meme.


  5. JoAnn, your kids make the most adorable faces…honestly! We had a similar situation with our youngest girl. She had Robbie the bunny. Robbie went everywhere with her. Lord help us all if said bunny couldn't be found at bedtime. NO ONE was going to sleep that night! Once when bunny had gone missing, my daughter was in hysterics, accusing our cats of eating him, because cats eat bunnies. Her father explained that cats don't eat fake bunnies. “FAKE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN, FAKE? Waaahh!!


  6. We are leaving for Disneyland this friday. the last time we were there it was last may for my oldest son's HS graduation present. my youngest child was 4 then and she would NOT ride on anything. it was the worst trip we have every taken.
    And…now we plan to go again and she is now 5. AND again she is already planning her escape route. this time, I am gonna try and be more calmer and probably saying A LOT of prayers. more then likely i will be writing about our adventures too.


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