How Do You?

Be free

Let your hair fly in the wind
Forget about the toilet bowls and the cereal bowls
Remember Robert Louis Stevenson and grey cloudless skies
Find a stick
Examine five hundred fallen leaves
Chase a squirrel
Climb up a slide
Get stuck
Fall down
Brush yourself off, and find another leaf
Let your nose run, let your legs run, let your heart race
And all this, on a Monday!
Good job kids! This grasshopper has much to learn.

7 thoughts on “How Do You?

  1. We forget to see the fun in our lives with all the mundane chores we take on. It is easy to get bogged down. I watch my grandson , who is a wild man, and think …how funny if we all just verbalized sounds whenever we felt like it , or ran at random, flapped our arms for no reason. Wouldn't it be funny? We would gain lots if we would just let go and be. I think I am off to spin circles while blowing spit bubbles 🙂


  2. Man, I miss those days and those moments where you just let everything go except the wind in your hair and the baby's laughter, trilling behind him as you push that swing into the blue heaven above. Playground magic, is what it is.

    Listen, I'm getting a headache from wading through all those Nathan comments. I want to see your paragraph! Have you seen the finalists? I am so in love with that Anonymous paragraph. Shoot me yours, if you will. I need some inspiration this morning as I revise and you are HUGE inspiration.


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