I Am So Excited!

Hey look! I took a picture of my pregnant self…and the weird bottle opener that came with the house.
I digress.
Just popping in quickly to say, “Today’s the Day! The Gender day!”
I didn’t want to know what I am having. I wanted the surprise. Derrick wanted to know. So, we are finding out. I’ll admit it’s made today very exciting.
Quinten has assured me it is a baby sister. I said, “Well, only God decides that, He’s in charge.”
“Well, mom, I’m going to pray and ask God to make it a baby sister. Dear God, please let me have a baby sister. Amen….He said “yes” mom.”
After that amazing prophecy, I don’t know why we’re bothering to check with the ultrasound.
So what do you think? Boy? Girl? You have a fifty-fifty chance of being right here. Also, should I keep the bottle opener when I repaint the kitchen? Finally, what should I do with a rowdy bunch of evil red squirrels who (I think) are living in my attic?

18 thoughts on “I Am So Excited!

  1. Oh! Now I'm excited! And I thought you were going to tell us all. Now I'll be up all night. Wait a minute…I'm a middle-aged woman. I'm ALWAYS up all night.

    I digress. I'm going with girl.


  2. When do I get to know? When do I get to know?
    Shall I send you my digits so you can text me??!!!??!!!

    I think you need a girl.

    PS-you are too cute
    PPS-my friend today found out she is having TWIN GIRLS.
    PPS-I hope you have TWIN GIRLS


  3. P.S. And I think you should name her Nancy. Or Jodi. Or emily. But not if he's a boy. You should never call a boy Nancy. I think it messes with their sense of masculinity or something. You might still be able to get away with Jodi, but you'd probably have to spell it with a y. Maybe we could all be your new sweet baby's crazy aunts?


  4. I think you should call an exterminator for the squirrels because the longer they stay, the more damage they will do! We had one get in our basement through the chimney and it ate away at the window sills trying to chew its way out (but then refused to go out the open window). They (and their feces) may also carry diseases and fleas, lice, etc. (not to mention the smell) and I know you don't want to risk the health of your children or your unborn child. The exterminator can also determine how they got in and seal it up or give you advise on what to do so that it does not happen again.


  5. I'm going with boy. Three boys are wicked awesome.
    BTW, that bottle opener is AWESOME and not weird. I'd be so psyched to have that.
    Your belly looks great! There's a person in there!!


  6. Wow – boy or girl it will just who you are waiting for!
    Squirrels – ditch them for sure. They can do quite a bit of damage and however they got in the rats can do the same…


  7. Quinten has spoken. I think she's a girl!

    Keep the bottle opener as a conversation piece (unless little fingers are likely to get shoved up there).

    Keep the squirrels as pets, but ask them to vacate the attic. Once you're on friendly terms with them they're sure to listen to your request.


  8. i'm late to the party, but i needed to say, on record, that you posed near that bottle opener ON PURPOSE because it totally looks like a preggers belly button.

    and i heart that bump, girl. you look great!


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