Baby News

I hope you all were able to watch the video…because it tells you explicitly what I am having.
If you could not figure out how to watch the video (mom), to you I say, “BLUE!”
I thought I wanted a girl so I could go shopping and buy giant flower headbands the size of the wittle baby’s head.
Now I realize that I really wanted another boy. Another sweet, adorable, light-saber wielding boy.
This makes three. I welcome name suggestions! Nancy suggested that I name the baby Nancy, but that’s not going to work now, so everyone back to the drawing board.
During the ultrasound, I entertained myself by trying to guess what I was looking at. I guessed “head” when it was really baby’s “stomach”…I got very confused several times and couldn’t tell WHAT the What I was looking at, and my shining moment was when I asked the ultrasound tech if the baby had the hiccups and she said, “No, that’s just the baby’s heart…beating”.
I would also like to say that yesterday was the most dramatic internet day of my life. I had friends yelling at me via facebook. I had friends calling me on the phone and telling me that I had better call them as soon as I found out, and ONE of them (Brittany) threatened my life if she saw what I was having on my blog before I told her.
I forgot, in all the excitement, that I was supposed to go to a girls game night last night and just plain didn’t show up!! I emailed a quick apology and my friend responded by saying she could forgive me for forgetting to come, but not for forgetting to email her the gender of my baby.
I’m lucky to be alive today.
Yesterday I received my first TWO Anonymous comments. Both were dealing with the hot topic of squirrel extermination. I have an Uncle who is a taxidermist and my childhood room has been recently converted to a Bullet Reloading station, where my father and my grandpa spend countless hours measuring out gunpowder and cleaning used bullets. It’s called recycling, people.
All this to say, this is a safe place for you squirrel killers.
I realize this post has not been about my deep thoughts and feelings about having another boy…I’m still sort of amazed and excited. It’s hard to know how one feels when one is excited.
Does anyone have any advice for a mother of three boys? How many gallons of milk am I going to need per week? How much will their car insurance cost? How do I keep the girls away?
Thank you for all your fun comments and well wishes. Most of you were completely wrong. Some of you refused to guess. Better luck next time!

28 thoughts on “Baby News

  1. Hmmm…what to comment on first? Being completely wrong? Having my dreams of your third-born child named after me dashed? Finding out you're related to a taxidermist? No idea.

    I'll just go with congratulations. You're well on your way to having your very own, home-grown dodge ball team!

    And because I'm Presbyterian, I'm gonna go with Calvin.


  2. And I will tell you so your are not puzzled by your third anonymous comment….. this is that friend that said I would kill you if I found out on your blog!! πŸ™‚


  3. Yay for boys! How exciting! I do not have advice on raising 3 boys. . . I only have 1 boy, but I can guess you will need lots and lots of milk. . . .and paper towels. . . .and play doh scissors (not sure why this is an obsession with my boy). . . . and patience, but I suppose that could apply to boys or girls. Have fun!


  4. Congrats on a trio. Just think, just two more and you have your own hockey team! Sweet! Oh wait….wrong State. Ooops. Basketball?

    Lots of milk. Lots of Lysol for your bathroom floors. Muahaha.

    Yay! Oh, and good luck on a name. We STILL don't have one….


  5. Big huge love and big time congratulations. Like I said, as a very proud mother of three girls, I know God is just letting you do boys with utter perfection. So Exciting!

    I would suggest the mother of all names, JoAnn because we know that name rules the planet, but I'm not sure how your macho basketball playing husband would feel about a son named JoAnn.

    If I ever had a boy, it was going to be Samuel. Love that name.

    And spammers are such delightful fun! I had one the other day accuse me of being a robot.

    Oh and I don't have boys, but I do have three brothers. And when we were teenagers, we'd have to go to the store with my mom because she would need at least two carts. Good luck with that.


  6. Calvin is brilliant, actually. A boy ending in -in to go with a boy ending in -en and a boy ending in -on. When you get to the third, you almost have to stick with any established patterns, dontcha think? Quite by accident, I had two “C” kids. When the 3rd came, she really needed to be a “C,” too. My husband wanted her to be Penelope, but I had a complete come-apart and got my way. Blessings to you and yours!!!


  7. How exciting! Although I must admit that in my excitement to find out I scanned the text before the video even had the chance to tell me…

    I love Q “Why is it not a girl?”

    You have to post names that you sorta like to give us an idea of the direction you're heading… My vote is for Benjamin, Ethan or the more unique Jaymin (Hebrew meaning right hand of favor).

    Of course you could have Quinten, Sheldon and Frank. That would be unique too, but in a different way…


  8. Congrats to you, my your house will forever be busy!!! : ) I have been trying to figure out if I am brave enough to go for number three, with the great possibility that I may end up with another boy…maybe I will watch how you do, then make my decision…hehe. How far apart are your kidos, just curious? How about Samuel? Love that name.


  9. Well you know how I feel about THREE BOYS! It's fantastic! Milk – 2 or 3 gallons a week. Car insurance – they can get a job. Girls – girls have cooties.

    Having a house of boys is so super fun! You'll love it! Congratulations!


  10. oh yay oh yay! what a great video… so nice to hear your voice! what a beautiful voice! and three boys… how fun. what a blessing. i`m so excited. i like the name `damien` but trent hates it… πŸ™‚ anyway, that`s my suggestion. love you.


  11. Okay, you must think I'm the biggest snot. I thought your comments were still off – that's why I never comment on your posts! You so know I'm reading your blog, though, right??


    Also, congrats on remaining the Queen among the boys!!

    p.s. Sawyer and Xander are lovely names. I also like Jacoby (pronounced jaKObee)


  12. I was supposed to be a boy – I was my mom's fourth baby and she had three girls already. I was going to be James. Ergo…I'm Jayme. I think it's great you are having another boy – just think of the savings..all the handmedowns..etc…name wise…I like Rory. Congratulations!! (and thanks for the shout out on your side bar! ENJOY your weather…mmmhmmm)


  13. Yay for three boys! I have three boys and they are wonderful!
    yes, lots of milk. also lots and lots of socks. just get all the same kind…don't even bother trying to match them all up.
    happy for you!


  14. You are well blessed!
    Hooray for y'all!!
    Cousin Ronnie might have the perfect name for this new little one…?
    Blessings to each of you!


  15. congratulations on baby blue! i have no name suggestions, but i think your son's voice is adorable.

    as for anonymous comments, the few i've gotten usually run to ads for auto repair shops or pump repair. ??? go figure.


  16. Congrats on boy #3! They are lots of fun and I should know, I have 4 of them! Well, 5 if you count the one I married…he who will never grow up and leave home!
    As for the milk usage…at one point we used 15 gallons a week. Not. Even. Kidding.


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